Will she ever find a dress?

I do believe the girl will try on every prom dress in a 30-mile radius before all is said and done. Yesterday, she returned the one she bought on Saturday, along with the free shoes. Granted, it’s been many a year since I danced the spike off a shoe like that myself, but after trying them on, I think I know why they were free! Ouch! She put a different dress on hold at the mall yesterday. She’d like me to take her out there after school today to have a look… SHE WANTS MY OPINION! Prom is the 24th…

All my good intentions for the weekend involving a tank top and a chenille top went out the window with the Cecil staring at me. My “playing around” with it on Friday night has resulted in a left front and one and three-quarters sleeves. The end result will resemble the summery cardi on the cover of last summer’s Vogue Knitting. I could easily have two sleeves and a start on another piece, but I wasn’t doing my yarn-overs correctly (between knit & purl and purl & knit stitches) and had to frog some. The eyelets didn’t look right, and I finally pulled out a reference book to see where I was going wrong. It didn’t surprise me that I was making it a bit more complicated than it had to be!

I miss my camera. There are a few things that I’d like to show you, not the least of which is the sprouting of my Bleeding Heart in the back yard! It’s one of the biggest highlights of spring for me! A few warm, sunny days and that old thing will be a foot tall. I have snowdrops blooming on the hill, also. In my little spot, you don’t dare plant anything until Memorial Day, and I guess that’s why I like perennials so much — who can wait ’til Memorial Day for some gardening action??