A little spree

There was no knitting last night. I was socializing, instead. From 1978 to 1983 and again from 1987 to 1991, I did typesetting (now better known as a desktop publishing), proofreading and lay-out for a local, family-owned “shopping guide” and print shop. We were a tight-knit group and, boy, we liked to have fun. We still do! There’s a small group that gets together a couple of times a year, but this time the net was widened, and I saw some folks I haven’t seen in ages. I was a good girl, and even managed to escape before doing something silly — like singing karaoke!

I think it’s because of that work experience, and other, more recent work as a proofreader, that makes me save a blog post up to three times before I’m satisfied. I like to see it in its finished form, read it through again, make sure I like how it looks; I feel kind of silly sometimes, changing the wording of a paragraph because I don’t like how it looks visually. I guess we all have our little quirks, don’t we? That’s one of mine.

What does one do when there’s a balance in the PayPal account? Go shopping! I went on a little bender the other day and ordered the patterns for Rogue, Mrs. CB’s Camp Jacket and ChicKami. None of these are scheduled productions yet, but I just had to get them into the queue. There is one more I’d like to queue up, and that is the Must Have Cardigan. It’s all blogland’s fault. I have fallen hook, line and sinker for both Rogue and the Must Have, and I have had my eye on the Camp Jacket and ChicKami for a long, long time.

Ali just ran off to be mani- and pedicured and if she’s not back by noon, I have to go pick up the boutonniere she ordered for the fella/friend. I’ll be charging up the digicam and will share some pics!