I just had to go to bed last night, so didn’t find out about prom until this afternoon when Ali finally got up! Turns out she was only about 15 minutes behind me, but I must have zonked out quickly!

Pics, as promised!

There she is before leaving home, and then with her fella friend before leaving his house. I think she had fun! (She’s my quiet one.)

Today marks the last in our string of birthdays — Maddy joins the ranks of teenagers, and I now have three such creatures under my roof! Among her presents was a gift card to Barnes & Noble and the three of them decided to go spend it!

In knitting news: I inserted the arms into Cecil last night. I tried it on plenty of times to make sure they eased in nicely and looked good. There’s stockinette and reverse stockinette in the armhole areas and, at least for me, it required extra attention. I even draped it over an upturned bowl as I neared the top of the shoulders to help with shaping. I’d never done such a thing before and don’t know why it occurred to me this time, but it worked! (One of my sisters and her guy have a pottery studio and they make good “shoulder” bowls!) I was very pleased with how they turned out. Then I knit a bit on Summer Sonata; there are only a few more rows to go before the third pattern section. This morning, I sewed up seams and wove in all the ends on one side of Cecil — one side to go! It seemed to take a long time, and the wrist action required while seaming is not something I can do for long periods without pain.

That’s all my news in a nutshell.

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  1. Thanks you guys! She would have preferred the dress in a different color, but she loved the style! My sister thought she looked like Cinderella — and I think that’s how every girl wants to look for prom! Oh, Kathleen, they ARE young!! When I was seventeen…

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