Maddy allowed me computer time last night. Here’s a (very small) close-up of Sonata.


I got a little carried away with the armhole decreases and did too many, so had to pick out a few rows last night. Otherwise, it’s sailing right along.

Here’s my current Knitting HQ. My husband gave me this chest for Christmas (I needed it like a hole in the head) because he thought it might work for knitting storage. He was probably thinking that I’d store more things inside than on top. I have needles in the top drawer, though I should do something else with them because I could be utilizing the space a little better; some stash is in the middle drawer; and knitting magazines are in the bottom drawer. On top, from left to right: a bag with K’s current knitting; about four balls of leftover Cecil yarn; the Cecil sweater in the blue bag, along with Sonnet (on hold) and the Critter blanket (in progress); Seville is at the bottom of the green bag (waiting to be seamed), with Summer Sonata on top of it in a pot. Way in the back, in the pansy jardiniere, is the blue Debbie Bliss wool sweater waiting to be frogged. There are outposts throughout the house, but this is central command at the moment.

headquartersI read a comment on another blog this morning where they likened knitting with cotton to knitting with string. A few years ago, I did knit with string. OUCH!! Talk about raw and tender fingers! It was a knitted box project from a library book — I can’t remember the title of the book right now, but it focused on projects for the home (all of them quite nice). After knitting with real string that was purchased at an actual hardware store, knitting with anything else feels like there are rubber bands on my needles! If I am feeling challenged by fiber, I just remind myself that it could be string!

MickeyHow about a pup pic? This is Mickey and she’s nine months old. She has two kitty housemates, but we can’t quite call them friends.

After fooling aound and posting this four or five times, maybe I just need to write a little more… slowly getting the hang of Typepad’s new picture inserting system and all the variables.

Let’s try again.

3 thoughts on “Pics

  1. I wrote to Typepad and asked for more options. They really didn’t do a great job of making changes. It takes twice as long (if not longer) to post anything. You post looks great. Your dog is darling.

  2. What a cute dog. I don’t think your pics are too dark. My fingers have been all sorts of scratchy since I have been knitting with all of this cotton. I welcome a wool break. Especially the Peace Fleece where there is still some lanolin. Me and my fingers love it.
    Thank you for your kind words. 🙂

  3. I’m glad to hear that the pics look okay. It’s hard to know which is the exception — the monitor at home or the one at work! It helps to know a little html (thank the typesetting years) to get things looking okay; with the new Typepad system, those pics just fly in willy-nilly. Mickey knows that she’s cute, but I’ll tell her that you think so, too! I swear, Kathleen, knit a few rows with string — the heavy stuff — and you’ll appreciate knitting with ANYthing else!

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