It’s hard to support a local business when they’re just not there for you! It just kills me. It’s a fine shop, and the proprietor is wonderful and extremely helpful — but this is just bad business. I walked up to the door again tonight on my way home and the door was locked. This is NOT the first time, but it is the first time that there wasn’t even a note on the door; in fact, the sign on the door said open and most of the lights were still on. As I, disgruntled customer, moped back to my car, another customer stood dumbfounded at the door. Yes, perhaps I should have called (why won’t I learn that lesson?), especially since it’s happened before — and always on Thursday nights at 5:00??? What’s that? People just don’t have emergencies that regularly or that frequently, and if they do, then it’s obviously something more; it’s something that needs to be dealt with if they hope to keep customers — *me* –coming back. A part-time employee, maybe just temporarily? I have been there when someone else has been “covering,” but they seem a bit put out to be there and, well, they suppose they can check to see if my order is in. Poo. I can drive 10-15 minutes and find at least two other LYSs these days, not to mention all the general crafts stores and, of course, the internet; I try to balance my purchases, as most people do. This is convenient, it’s on my way home, I’m familiar, and they’re supposed to be open one night a week at a time when I can stop on my way home.

I don’t have my Calmer.

Seeing this helped to improve my mood:

The warm weather the past couple of days has made a difference.