Disaster averted

An emotional meltdown was averted today, as well. Now I’m feeling…
PotCalmerBallCalmerHaving taken care of some things earlier this week, it was I special trip to the LYS upon which I embarked this afternoon. While approaching the door, I was happy to see the “open” sign, but there was some resistance as I tried to turn the doorknob. The door was locked! There was a note on the door! Blah, blah, blah — I don’t care why the store is closed when it’s supposed to be open! I don’t care why it’s going to close early tomorrow, either! Tomorrow, too?! When am I going to get this yarn?? I stood dumbfounded for a few minutes; I wanted to sit on the stoop and cry! I had peered through the window, though, and there were people in the back of the store, likely a knitting group finishing up. Half-way back to my car, I decided that they were going to let me in. Either I’d get my yarn or I’d leave a note in my angry-shaky handwriting demanding that the yarn be sent to me with no shipping charges. They did open the door, and they were very calm while I tried my best to be, and I did get my yarn. I didn’t go into a rant (I’m saving that for you lucky people!), but I did let my situation and displeasure be known. I really didn’t get much sympathy, but hardly expected to. I’m happy that I have my yarn, but I’m not a happy customer. Next time, I’m trying another shop; $20 frequent buyer card be damned.

SSsleeve2SSsleeve1Just look at those lovelies! The knitting pot has found a new occupant and is nearly overflowing. I think the color you see is pretty true — it is a very pale, light green. It feels as marvelous as it looks and I can’t wait to cast on some stitches! I think this color will be great and the fiber wearable all year long.

I leave you with a couple of shots of the Summer Sonata sleeves. I’m thinking that this should be wearable by the weekend.

4 thoughts on “Disaster averted

  1. everyone is knitting something with Calmer — except me!! I have to get to my LYS just to a least feel the stuff!!

  2. Everything anyone has said about Calmer is TRUE! It is light and soft as a cloud, and a dream to knit! I think I’m in love.

  3. Thanks Michelle! I hope to sew in those sleeves and do the seams this weekend. It was a fun and easy sweater to knit, and the stitch combinations look great together, but didn’t require much concentration. That is not a common color in my wardrobe, but we’re trying to jazz things up around here this spring!

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