This is Audrey before and after the determined frogging on Thursday night. She’s still stewing in the pot, but I’ll pick her up and give it another go before Monday.


I knew it would be a very slow day at work yesterday, so I brought books to make working copies of some patterns. I made copies of the “Galway” chart and pieced them all together to make a 60-row repeat (that’s 1/3 of the pattern). I cut and taped and marked all kinds of notes to myself (RS, WS, arrows to indicate the direction to read, order of the charts). It’s been a challenge to wrap my head around all this. I’m no stranger to reading a chart, even large and complicated ones, as I’ve done many a cross-stitch sampler. Unlike working a sampler, though, where you can stab the fabric and start wherever you want, a knitting chart has to be followed stitch-by-stitch, row-by-row, and there is no background upon which to work.


I also brought knitting (Galway) to work for the first time ever. I forgot to grab the cable needle, though, so here’s what I used instead.

Other than having too sharp a point, I really liked using this nail! I needed a cable needle for 2 sts at most, so the length of the nail was great; it wasn’t rough, but it did have some texture, so it didn’t slide around and even if it did, look at that great big nailhead to keep it from falling out! I managed to knit about a dozen rows at work, using my pieced-together chart, and have thought of some improvements to said chart which I will try today. I knit a few more rows last night. I think I’m on about row 26 in this picture. The Wool Ease is not the most perfect yarn for showing off the stitches, but I think it will improve as it grows. Having completed a full repeat of the largest chart and several of the smaller two, I am feeling more comfortable.

We’re in for another Memorial Day Weekend of crappy weather, so knitting it will be!

3 thoughts on “Needles

  1. Your Galway looks wonderful! I love cable work!
    Thank you SOOOO much for sharing all your mosaic thoughts and techniques and photos! We did mosaic stepping stones for a children’s party this weekend and it was so much fun! I’m trying my hand at a small tabletop today. I’m sure I’ll be back to look at your pictures for more inspiration!

  2. Hi,
    Having read your biography, I am intrigued to what defines knitting in the Scottish style, as I have been told I knit weird, but I have no idea what the difference is between Continental, English!! Hope you can help me!

  3. I think your cables look great. The oddest makeshift cable needle I ever used was a q-tip. Otherwise, I use a dpn. I don’t like the floppiness of cable needles. I have tried cabling without a needle but I don’t care for it all that well (read–not good at it).

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