Runnin’ on empty

These photos are before any knitting was done last night.

I finished the back and reached the neckline decreases on the left front before putting it down.

I’m working with two very sparse skeins of yarn. It’s not going to be enough to knit two sleeves, collar, and buttonbands! I bought the only two yellow skeins with the same dye lot, so I’m going to buy another white. I’ll knit the sleeves in reverse — white sleeves with yellow stripes — and use white for the collar and buttonbands, also. I think it’ll be just fine. Katie thought that the outfit would better match the hat this way. The hat is a completely unrelated pattern, but it is the same yarn and they could certainly be worn together. So, it’s off for more yarn tonight or tomorrow.

Time for a haircut!

This is my espalier tree — it’s a crabapple and it grows on the north side of the house, to the left of the front door. There’s a window to the right of the door, which is centered (but wasn’t always), and I felt that something was needed to the left for balance. I’ve had it for several years now and need to give it a trim once or twice a year. It doesn’t always flower in that location, but this spring I had quite a nice show. The leaves have a maroon cast, as do the flowers, and they turn quite red in the fall, so it looks great with the house. Last fall, I lost the three bottom branches on the left. There is something encrusted on the trunk and branches; I don’t know what it is.

So, I “trimmed” a bit more radically than usual, removing six branches completely. I saved one from each side and will take them to the nursery to see if they can tell me what’s happening.

Thanks for all your comments regarding our safety. My sis Sharon called from Kansas last night, after seeing all the hoopla on the news. They had a pretty good threat of storms from the same system yesterday, and even into today.

Grandma is coming to visit! My Uncle Jim called last night to see if I’d be around on Sunday. (The only thing I have to do that day is get Maddy on a bus for a week at camp.) I realized that my grandma turned 91-1/2 yesterday, though I’m sure she doesn’t count half-birthdays anymore (if ever)! As she cruises toward 92, she’s having difficulties; she needs assistance and is best with diversion and activity — so, I’ll be a diversion! There’s an appointment next week with an assisted living facility, though it’s feared that her needs may be beyond their scope.

A very vivid memory of nearly every family gathering at Grandma’s is the turn of conversation to the prospect of aging, and her plea to her children that they never take her or Grandpa to a nursing home. From my earliest memory, her father lived with them, and I’m sure she was demonstrating how she would like to be cared for in her old age. I’m not sure things are going to go as she hoped.

I don’t want to end on a sad note, so I’ll tell a story related to Great Grandpa. Grandma’s house is very, very old, with lots of rooms and pocket doors in a few of the doorways, and my grandmother’s dad (my Great Grandpa) lived with them. GGrandpa’s room was on the main floor; he always had a jigsaw puzzle going and had lots of books and magazines — specific to this memory are Playboy magazines. During the course of one family gathering, the grownups shut themselves up in the music room behind a set of pocket doors for a family meeting. My brother and cousin were about 10, and left to amuse themselves. Well, they certainly did! Upon opening the doors to the living room, the grownups found the entire living room floor covered with the open centerfolds of many a Playboy Bunny!


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  1. Cute story! My grandfather was quite the connoisseur of Playboys himself. I hope you have a wonderful visit with your grandmother.

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