My sister called on Friday to tell me that her co-worker had given birth — 3+ weeks early — to a little boy, Trevor, who weighed in at 5-1/2 pounds. That’s little!

There’s no way he’s going to fit into this outfit or the hat for months, but I still felt the pressure to finish! This is the outfit as of yesterday afternoon; as of last evening, it’s all sewn up and is awaiting only buttons. I already bought buttons, but they’re too big!

I loved knitting this little thing and I really like the pattern and construction. Even the 10 inches of mindless garter stitch over nearly 200 stitches (and the bruises) wasn’t that bad. I would short-row the shoulders and do a three-needle bind off next time. As it was, I was too tired to think that night, so just bound off and then sewed the 3-inch seam. I did short-row the sleeves and I’m so happy with them. Sewing them in was a dream and it’s a very smooth seam. Everything’s so tiny!!

As written, the sleeves are supposed to be yellow with three white stripes. I reversed the colors and I think it turned out just fine. In fact, I think I like it better! I was so low on yellow yarn, though, that I did only one stripe on each sleeve. I also decided to knit two rows of yellow to finish off the neckband. I’ll get different buttons today and then it’s off to Kansas!

Grandma came to visit yesterday afternoon. She was very aware of where she was, and happy to be here, but she knows that lifestyle changes are coming and I think it contributes to her confusion at times. My mom came over, too. Unfortunately, Katie was at work and I’d just put Maddy on the bus to camp, but Ali was here and that was nice. We talked a lot about gardening and took a stroll through my front plot. It’s steps or treacherous paths to the back garden area — not cane-friendly! I think it will be mid-week or so before it’s known whether Gram even qualifies for assisted living.

Summer Camp
Maddy is off for a week at YMCA camp with her two best friends. She went two years ago but skipped last year. This year, it’s horseback riding camp and they’re terribly excited (they’ll also do plenty of swimming and whatnot). The featured event later in the week will be a nice, long trail ride and a camp-out, then a ride back to the main camp. I went to camp for two years and loved it; I still remember “my” horse.

When Maddy went to camp two years ago, I was working a temp job from hell (my record was 99-3/4 hours in one week; 265 hours in one 3-week period), so she was responsible for gathering, marking, and packing all of her things. Among the things needing identification was her underwear. Most people would take a permanent marker and write their initials on the inside of the waistband, or maybe they’d write out their first or last name. It wasn’t until she’d already returned from camp and I was folding laundry that I saw how she’d marked hers — emblazoned, nice and big, with her full name, spelled out, all across the front of her undies. It was hysterical and it still makes me laugh to think of it!