VeggiesThe tomatoes were used for BLTs last night and enjoyed with reheated green beans from the night before. Artichokes and corn are now a delicious memory. The blueberries were mostly enjoyed right out of the box, but a few found their way into a cereal bowl (Special K with Red Berries — and Blue Berries!). Mmmm. The potatoes still need purpose.

My favorite way to enjoy blueberries, though, is sprinkled with a little sugar in a bowl of cream. I like sliced tomatoes sprinkled with sugar, too. A garden-ripe, sun-warmed tomato is best eaten like an apple, sprinkled with a bit of salt — seeds and juice dripping from chin and elbow! I usually do this standing over the kitchen sink.

PostwashPrewashAt left is the before-washing pic of the St. Brigid swatch, and at right, post-wash. I didn’t particularly enjoy knitting with the superwash wool. I really don’t consider myself a yarn snob, but I do like a yarn that feels good. It did improve visually and texturally after washing. I’ll use it for a future project, but not St. Brigid. Um, yes, that is a mis-crossed cable…

Yesterday, I received the color cards I ordered from Beaverslide Dry Goods and they are being taken into consideration. I know I’ll use their wool for something!

In Cromarty news, I knit about a half-dozen rows last night. I’m anxious to complete a full repeat of Chart D. I’m still lovin’ it!

3 thoughts on “Bountiful

  1. Garden produce just can’t be beat. Blueberries in cream would be my favourite way to enjoy them as well.

  2. Blueberries, yummy!! Blueberries never make it into muffins or anything in this house, I unpack them and they are GONE!!
    Nice swatch too.

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