K had her first class yesterday — European History taught by a professor who is a native of the Dominican Republic with Spanish as first language, French as second, and English as third. She speaks English very well, of course, but the unique accent will take some getting used to! History and English were the courses du jour; what she’s really looking forward to are the art classes, and that won’t happen ’til next week.

Since I refuse to be a participant in the race to the northland this weekend, we’re not leaving until tomorrow morning. It looks like the weather will be more cooperative for water activities than the July 4th weekend, so perhaps there will be some tubing and skiing for the kids. I’m looking forward to picking up K on the way, and seeing her dorm room for the first time. She is looking forward to the break, too.

I was at Hobby Lobby last night to buy yarn for the new-ish knitters at my house! I forgot that my LYS was open late last night and A could have found something of nicer quality, but she’s happy.

And I am within a row or two of completing the fourth repeat of the main chart on the body piece of Cromarty! One more to go and then it’s neck shaping. I still have to do my math homework in regard to St. Brigid and make the chart. I’m really looking forward to starting and working with some wool for a change.

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  1. Know the feeling about wanting to work with wool. It won’t be too much longer until we can pull it out. I started the cotton cardi that I showed on my web site Friday. It is really moving along very fast. I wanted to see what it was going to look like so I started with the front left side 🙂 Have a nice long weekend.

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