Waterspun Weekend

Weekendhat1Weekendhat2By Saturday night, there were two! Oh, what fun, to have two FOs for the weekend. They are destined to be Christmas gifts (Ai loves ’em!). I used Bonne Marie’s H2O Hat pattern from ChicKnits (no longer available) and the Classic Elite Waterspun Weekend yarn that I bought a few weeks ago. I got used to those honkin’ big US17 needles with the Meathead last week, and decided to put them to use again. It took less than an hour and a half to knit and sew up each hat — leaving plenty of time for other knitting! Thank you, Bonne Marie!

NewsbsleeveThere was progress on the new St. Brigid sleeve over the weekend, also. These pics were taken after completing two repeats of the main chart and I was closing in on the third. The braided cables that grow from the added stitches are well underway, as is the pattern for the additional increases at each side. And, I’m happy to report that there hasn’t been a single miscrossed cable!Newsleevedet

It looks like I’ve entered a gold mood… With all the knitting time going to St. Brigid over the past week, Ai wondered what happened to the "green sweater," aka Cromarty. Ah, yes, I’ll get back to the green. I haven’t quite decided how to split up my time. Vying for attention and on the needles are Cromarty (green), St. Brigid (gold) and the Flower Basket Shawl (off-white). H2O hats (gold) have been completed, as have a couple of Starmore Galway-type hats (gray and green), but I’d like to knit some more hats for Christmas, too. I have plenty of yarn (suitable green and gold*, a little bit of blue) for such things; they are all much finer gauge than the Waterspun Weekend, though, so anything I knit with them will take more time. Decisions, decisions.

The weekend was fabulous! DH did all the outside work and I did inside work. I went grocery shopping with a long, intentional list for the first time in ages. Mom and I drove to an old and sleepy, but awakening neighboring town on Saturday afternoon to visit a new antique shop. The couple who run it recently vacated all the local malls to open their own shop; they both started in the business at a very, very young age and have an eye for merchandise matched by only a few others I know — and personality to boot! It was truly a pleasure and a highlight of my weekend.

*It’s football season. MNF tonight: Packers vs. Panthers!

5 thoughts on “Waterspun Weekend

  1. What’s the only thing stranger than knitting on #17’s? Knitting with #17 dpn’s! How those managed to make their way into my needle collection I don’t know (thrift store or garage sale, I’m sure) They feel like “Flintstones” knitting needles to me!
    I didn’t know that you had started knitting the flower basket shawl as well as all your cable-y things! I currently have one on the needles in pale blue alpaca and I just swatched for another one. I’m addicted to that lace pattern. It is definitely mesmerizing! And I’m sure you love it because there are three charts! Hee!
    Have a great Monday!

  2. St. Brigid is looking very good, glad to see all you sticking and gluing has paid off!!!
    Those hats look great, must buy some 17’s for the boys, it would make their hats knit up a lot quicker, but don’t they feel weird??
    Sounds like you had a great weekend, have a good week.

  3. It’s so funny! I knit two similar hats for Christmas last weekend… have a look in my blog, you won’t believe it!

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