How many times can I hit snooze?

I like Berroco’s new free pattern, June. It looks like something I’d wear a lot, and I’ve been intrigued by Suede for a while. Hmmmm. Yet another pattern to print and file for future consideration.

There was knitting on both Cromarty and St. Brigid last night. I didn’t knit as long as usual/I’d have liked because I was so, so tired and I went to bed “early.” I’m happy with progress on both; very close to a finished sleeve!

Sedum2The leaves are turning (does it seem early to anyone else?). There’s an ash in my yard that’s my favorite at this time of year — it simply glows as the leaves turn from green to yellow-gold and purple-maroon. It’s just starting to turn. (‘Twould make a lovely yarn.) Words can’t describe and I doubt that it will photograph, but I’m gonna try. Meanwhile, I love the rich green and purple of this sedum as it gets ready to bloom.

I’ve been feeling it for about a week. At first I thought it was the a/c blowing up my back at work that was making me feel funny. Then I thought that it might be a sinus thing due to allergies (pollen counts are high, ragweed); I’ve never been diagnosed with allergies, but I seem to be suffering from allergy-like symptoms more with each passing year. Maybe I’ve run myself down and was just getting a cold — turning out my light at 12:00+ a.m. and the alarm going off at 5:30 a.m. (many nights in a row), a/c inside, hot/humid outside, going in-and-out all day.

Likely, it is all of those things, but mostly it’s the change of the seasons. There’s something different in the air; it gets dark early and it’s dark when I wake up; it’s very cool in the morning, warming quickly during the day, and cooling again quickly in the evening. I feel it keenly every year. And it’s not just me; at 8:30 last night, DH commented that it felt like 10:00, and even the kids have been going to bed early!

5 thoughts on “How many times can I hit snooze?

  1. Yes, I think Fall is here! Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, but only after a long, hot sunny summer, and that didn’t seem to happen anywhere in North America! Doesn’t it make you wish that St. Brigid was already finished, and you could cuddle up in it, with a roaring fire and a coffee/hot toddy/martini/wine!!!

  2. Autumn is definitely in the air here in the UK, but luckily it’s not too cold yet. St Brigid looks lovely – the colour is really nice. (Thanks for responding to my blog survey last month.)

  3. I like June too!! I love that suede, at least on the ball. I’m glad you posted this — I might not have found it on my own.

  4. Fall is definitely here, lets hope it’s a long one ! I have been curious about your beagle.(totally unrelated I know) It’s the dog my daughter and I would like but I’ve heard they are diffucult to train. Will you ever post any picture s of him/her??

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