More cables

Websleeve922b_2Hello… I’m trying again because it didn’t work the first time… tap-tap-tap… is this thing on? Can you *read* me?

I’m tied up today, so I’m trying Typepad’s posting into the future feature.

Darn, I hope this picture isn’t too dark — I chose it because the cables showed up “so nicely.” It’s the first St. Brigid sleeve. The next step is to bind off on each side and knit the saddle (the center cable). Before I continue, I’m going to knit the other sleeve to this point and at least one body piece. The saddles will go very quickly, and I want to see how everything “measures up” before I proceed. I’m a teensy bit concerned about the length of the sleeve, but I’m pretty sure that blocking will fix that.

Happy Weekend (I can’t believe the next one will be in October)!!

7 thoughts on “More cables

  1. Wo Hoooo!!! Fab-u-lous! And yes, my first sleeve of St, brigid seemed…short, but it measured 44 cms. It’s not a fitted sweater, so I’m assuming that the dropped shoulders will make up for the length of the sleeve! Does your sleeve seem too long or short???

  2. Your AS sweaters look fabulous. I think I have to put Cromarty on my list to do…I loved it while Rachael was knitting it up and yours is gorgeous as well. Thanks for the Owen well wishes. 🙂 I hope you have a good weekend.

  3. Wow! That is a beautiful pattern. It has been awhile since I have done cables, and I really want to get back to it. The color looks yummy, too!
    What great summer weather we are finally getting in Wisconsin, huh? Gotta love it… we almost get snowed on everyday in June, July, and August and know that school has started and we put 500 little bodies into the same building we have summer temperatures! YIKES!

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