Good intentions

For the past six months or so (maybe closer to a year), I’ve been meaning to back up all the digital pics on my computer to CD.

It’s too late.

Our computer crashed on Friday, turning fatal on Saturday, and my pics are gone. I’m clinging to a shred of hope that something can be done, but it doesn’t look good. My brother is geekier than your Average Joe and maybe he can help or advise.

DH had recently backed up a big project he was working on, and I backed up all the photos I’d scanned from Mom’s photo albums and the Family Tree Maker file, but my most recent backup of Quicken data was in April and that means I have some work to do.

You just never know when it’s going to happen… Everything’s fine and dandy on Thursday night, and on Friday morning there’s a message that a crucial file is “corrupted or missing” and Windows won’t load. Folks, it’s downhill from there. I thought I had it back on Friday night, but it was even worse on Saturday morning — failure loading the operating system.

Typing_1This is one damn hard lesson.

It’s a good thing I have this — another little treasure from Grandma’s house. I imagine that it was earned by one of her kids in high school — either of my aunts, or possibly even my dad. Dad took typing because a girl he liked was in the class; it’s a skill that has served him very well over the years. My DH has very limited typing ability, but it was enough to enable a move from infantry to company clerk (he was a “Radar O’Reilly”) during his tour of duty in Vietnam. I earned a certificate for typing 70 wpm in high school, myself, but this little “Expert Typist” pin is way, way more cool. I believe I’ll even wear it as I buckle down to play catch up and try to recover.

There was precious little weekend knitting time; I haven’t yet cast on for the second sleeve of Cromarty, but have made a little progress on the second sleeve of St. Brigid — a few inches.

8 thoughts on “Good intentions

  1. Oh I do hope you manage to retrieve all your missing photos, and I must back up all mine….
    Hope you get some knitting time soon.

  2. Sorry to hear about your computer woes. What a timely reminder for the rest of us to back-up those files.
    I enjoy looking at your cable work. Just lovely.

  3. I’m so sorry about your computer break down. This happened to me one time also. Very discouraging. From that point on, I started using my laptop for internet only and save my big Dell for all my Quicken and book work (never go on line with that one). I do have most of my photos on the laptop. Memo to self: back up immediately!

  4. I bought an external hard drive about a week before my computer crashed. Though I’m cautious enough to back up on CDs, too, you can’t beat the external hard drive for a very fast transmission of data. Plus, they hold a TON and are super easy to use. I got the message that something was corrupted on my hard disk drive so I immediately backed up to the external hard drive. Within an hour my computer was dead. Phew! Hope you can retrieve your pics some way . . .

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