ThrumsHere’s my first thrummed mitten to the thumb. I’m lovin’ it! For the most part, the thrums are looking good; there are a few that will need some “adjustment.” Aison loves them (green is her color) and has already requested that they be hers. Kt has already asked if she can borrow St. Brigid, and there aren’t even two sleeves yet. Interest in the knitting has been high lately!

Sshawl1After reaching the thumb last night, my thrumming tank ran dry. I had to do something else, but St. Brigid wasn’t right and the second sleeve for Cromarty hasn’t yet been cast on and the Flower Basket Shawl didn’t cut it, either, nor did any of my countless other WIPs. Maybe you know what I did next, since I had the new Shapely Shawlette pattern and the SP2 AlCaMi alpaca… I’m not crazy about that YO at the beginning of the row — is it supposed to be all loopy and loose? I don’t remember that from the shop sample. What is shown is actually a little variation in the placement of the YO, and I’m still not sure; I will likely frog it and try yet another. This is gorgeous yarn, though, and I love the colors.

Have a great weekend everyone.

3 thoughts on “Thrummy

  1. Some days no matter how many WIP’s there are already, you just have to start another project to fill that gap!! I’m with you all the way. That yarn is a lovely colour…have a good weekend.

  2. Oooh, your mitten looks great! I am getting so inspired to knit some thrummed mittens myself. But, who needs thrummed mittens in NC?
    Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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