Is it a bird, is it a plane?

Rest in peace, Superman.

Duster2DusterWhat you see pictured on the left reminds me of what you see on the right and, seems to me, could easily be used (and work quite nicely) for the same purpose as the product in the green box. I thought of this the very first time I turned the thrummed mitten inside out. Maybe with the mitt knit in cotton rather than wool… Swiffer_mittsresized200Is it just me? Is it the guilt over my dusty, dusty home that makes me think of such things?

1stmittAlas, I’ve finished the first mitt and, as such (my first ever mitten), it’s pretty good. I’m not happy with holes on either side of the thumb; perhaps I didn’t pick up the stitches correctly, or should have picked up more. Hole1There’s one on each side, with the worst one pictured. I’m just going to “fix it.” Ai loves them! Oops, I mean it. She loves it. I started the second one on Saturday night and will commence with the second thrum row tonight. It will soon be them.

Homecoming04AiIt was a busy weekend. Homecoming festivities and all (ack, we lost the game, 33-0). At 3:00 on Saturday afternoon, Ai decided that she DID want to go to the dance – it’s her senior year, last chance, etc. – and informed me that she needed a dress. Being the glutton for punishment that I am, we went shopping. We passed a large area of sale dresses as we walked through the third store; Ai stuck her nose I the air and proclaimed with disdain that they were “old lady dresses.” While she tried on a few things that she found in the more acceptable junior department, I went to take a look at the old lady stuff. I brought her quite a few dresses and, I admit, there were some that made her look quite matronly, but the dress you see her wearing is an “old lady dress.” It’s gorgeous and, I can’t help it, I think she is too! We were home shortly after 6:00 and the dance started at 8:00. It can be done, but I don’t want to do it often!

Check out My Favorite Things. She posted a recipe on Friday and then a lightbulb went on. She’s collecting favorite recipes and knitting tips from bloggers and is planning to assemble all into a printed cookbook for contributors as a big RAOK. Sounds like fun to me, and I’ve already made my contribution.

7 thoughts on “Is it a bird, is it a plane?

  1. She *is*gorgeous~ I love her dress, too. Why didn’t I look that great in high school?!? 😉
    Love your mitten, too.

  2. Ali looks goregous. I love her hair too. Very beautiful and not old lady like at all, IMO.
    Mitten looks great. Good luck with the fix.
    I was very sorry to read about the death of Christopher Reeve. My brother, a former Navy Seal, always reminded me of Superman. sigh.

  3. She’s a beauty! And so sophisticated too. What a great attitude to have as a teen. Just play it by ear, figure it out if, and when, the time is right, and go with it. It must have been a blast!

  4. I didn’t look closely enough and I thought that the pictures of the mitten next to the pictures of the duster were before and after pictures of the mitten. I wondered if you had brushed it!!
    Ali looks divine and I’m sure she had a good time! Sometimes last minute dress shopping can be the easiest, no time for indecision!

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