KlaundryWhile the two younger were partaking in Homecoming activities over the weekend, Kt had a whirlwind, 24-hour trip home, sandwiched between working at her school job, to work at her job here and do some laundry. Here she is, while I watch her folding said laundry — a really wonderful thing, that, watching laundry be folded. The drudgery is on reprieve as of tomorrow, as she hops a train and heads to Boston for a week. What a lucky, lucky girl! She’ll be visiting a high school friend who is going to college there. Wish I could stow away.

I knitted the second thrummed mitt while watching the Packers lose to the Titans on MNF last night. I usually watch ’til the bitter end, even when the Packers are losing, but when our opponent rang their point total up to 48, I turned it off. It was almost the bitter end, anyway, there being less than 4 minutes (or 96 hours) remaining. The good news is that the second mitt is knitting up faster, I’m handling the thrums a lot better, and I’m about half-way!

Wow! The list of recipes and contributors is growing! Check it out at My Favorite Things and submit yours — don’t be left out of this fun project!

4 thoughts on “Cinderella

  1. The thrummed mittens look great.
    Ali looked beautiful in yesterday’s picture. I agree with the last minute dance theory. More fun if you’re not worked up about it.
    I love the color of your girls hair!

  2. Good for you for watching laundry being folded! I’m so glad to hear that the second thrum mitten is knitting up quickly. i just picked up yarn and fleece for one pair of mittens and two pairs of socks, and I can’t wait to get them done and on my cold hands and feet!

  3. That cookbook is such a great idea. What recipe did you put in? I’m going to put one in tomorrow.
    Hope all is well! šŸ™‚

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