Work, work, work

Morehats_1Knitting news follows.

It’s my day off today. It only means that I trade one type of work for another and, at best, I’ll only make a dent in all that needs to be done. Once in a while a girl’s got to have some fun, too, so sometimes I just say, “Screw it.”

Not today. I’m trying to catch up with all that needs to be done since we lost our computer a few weeks ago. Normally, I’m quite excited about getting a new computer and, while I am happy, I’m also still very sad over the probable loss of all those pictures and I also have a lot of work to catch up on. It had been a while since I backed up stuff like Quicken and Family Tree Maker. Luckily, I haven’t really done anything with the family tree in a while, so my most recent backup is probably missing little, if anything.

Quicken is another story. I hadn’t backed up since May. Fortunately, I was able to download transactions back to June 1 from our credit union. It didn’t have the names of who the checks were written to, but the amounts were there. I only had to backtrack a few weeks to fill in the missing info. Then I went back and entered the paychecks the way they should be entered and filled in all the missing names and categories (as much as I felt like). I got it all balanced and up-to-date.

DH’s business stuff is another matter. I’ve never been able to log in to his bank, so I’m re-entering everything since mid-May. I’m up to August and I decided it was time to take a break. I had to wait for the camera batteries to recharge this morning, anyway.

I knit these hats over the weekend with the two additional hanks of Classic Elite Waterspun Weekend that I bought recently from the LYS sale bin. I love this color; it’s called Chamois (and not quite as gold as it looks in that pic). I used pattern #14 from the Holiday 2004 issue of Family Circle Easy Knitting and they were quick knits. The grrs love these hats and the color looks great with Kate & Al’s red hair and with Mdd’s blonde locks. Aison has requested the “Diamonds and Purls” hat from the same issue, and would like them to match her thrummed mitts. I’ll likely have to get some more Galway for that, though I haven’t checked gauge or anything to see if it would even work.

I thrummed last night and would surely be close to finishing it tonight if I didn’t have book club. We’ll see.

4 thoughts on “Work, work, work

  1. So sorry about the computer nightmare! May the work go quicly! The hats are wonderful! What a nice quick, rewarding knit! Sounds like it’s time to pamper yourself!

  2. Great job on the hats. The only problem is when you make one of the girls something, then they all want one. Do you always knit the girls something at the same time and then give it to them?

  3. Don’t you just love computer stuff? Sometimes they are our worst enemy, and other times, our best friend. What’s a girl to do but knit adorable hats?

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