Road trip

MddMdd2Modeling my first-ever pair of mittens — and thrummed ones, no less — is the mysterious Mdd. This particular pair will be under the Christmas tree with Ai’s name on them, but Mdd has requested her own pair, and I’m sure that Kate would appreciate some, too. This pair was made with Plymouth Galway yarn, using Yarn Harlot’s extremely entertaining directions (scroll down for Thrum-along Day One). Those are some pretty fat thrums, huh? For the next pair, at least, I’ll be trying the two-needle pattern that Norma used. I might have enough Corriedale for another pair, but will definitely need more if I’m to make two.

St. Brigid came out of the knitting bag for a while last night! She’s all packed up for a weekend road trip to southern Wisconsin. My sister, formerly of Kansas, has moved back into the cabin she lived in nine years ago and wants me to help her “decorate.” She wants it to look and feel different in some way. This will be a bit of a challenge, since it’s a small, one-room cabin and the options for furniture arrangement are somewhat limited. It’s nice and cozy, but rustic — wood heat and no indoor plumbing. The chamber pot is my friend.

8 thoughts on “Road trip

  1. Have a great weekend with your sister, those mittens look great. I haven’t started mine yet, and have company for the next week. So no new projects only little ones to finish and lots of cooking.

  2. Isn’t it funny that even the mere mention of thrum mittens creates an enslaught of requests! Have a great week-end…may you, St. Brigid and your sister be warm and cozy!

  3. Have you tried the one from Yarn Forward? That is the pattern I used for my second pair. I enjoyed the pattern much more than my first pair.

  4. The mittens look so nice and cozy! They almost make me wish I lived somewhere where the winters get cold!
    Enjoy your road trip and the redecorating project!

  5. Great mittens, I’m bringing mine on my weeekend away and getting everyone to twists thrums for me! (at least that’s the plan) I don’t envy you the chambet pot.

  6. OK, weird. My first pair of thrummed mitties look eerily similar to yours. And my daughter, age 11, is Madeleine, aka, Maddy. What’s that all about? (I used harlot + Lamb’s Pride in Sage).

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