Three sleeves!

Two_sleevesGoldSt. Brigid sleeves are finito! I had intended to cast on both the body of St. Brigid and the second sleeve of Cromarty last night, but I was pooped and didn’t do either. Instead, I put the St. Brigid sleeves on display so I could admire them. Don’t they look nice? The photo on the left shows the cables nicely, while the one on the right is more true to color.

I might have had more energy if I hadn’t been distracted by The Boogie Knits Hat Trifecta. I’m beginning to feel the pressure of Christmas, but I’m casting on in a fog almost as bad as what I had to drive through on the way to work this morning. I love “Linda,” with her cables and lace, but there are at least a half-dozen potential recipients. I really need to make my list so I have some direction. That didn’t deter me from casting on, though, and neither did the lack of US8 circs — I used DPNs, instead, but screwed up and ended up ripping it all anyway.

I stopped by my most local LYS on something of a whim yesterday while running errands. I was after something for the above-mentioned hat(s). Besides, after viewing a sampling of baskets (some of those people need hampers, dontcha think?) of Rhinebeck goodies over the past few days, I just needed some fiber lovin’ of my own. Lo and behold, there were six huge boxes of just-delivered goodness from Cascade right inside the front door; shelves were cleared and ready to receive the new arrivals. I had myself a sweet little peek inside the two boxes on top that were open, but decided to leave it at that — an hors d’oeuvres to whet my appetite — and I’ll return later to savor it all (and get those size 8 circs). Meanwhile, I was very good and got out of there with only two skeins of yarn. I was complimented on the sweater I was wearing (one I knit at least a year ago, but have never photographed) and asked if I’d be interested in knitting shop samples. Hell yeah.

There are 10 days left to submit your recipes to My Favorite Things for the Knit Bloggers’ cookbook. What are you waiting for?

And this has just been bugging me. With Kt away at college, there are four full-time occupants in our home. Why, oh, why, are there 9 toothbrushes in the downstairs bathroom and 4 upstairs? Who is using all these toothbrushes?

12 thoughts on “Three sleeves!

  1. St. Brigid looks wonderful. I absolutely love the colour you chose, it’s perfect for a fall jacket, walking down the lane amongst the fallen leaves…
    Oh yeah, the toothbrushes…it was the toothfairy. I’ve got one in my house too, even though it’s just Norm and I, sans kids.

  2. Oh my gosh, those sleeves are beautiful! I second Kim’s comment~ I love the color too. I am amazed at how quickly you are zipping through this project.

  3. I love your sleeves. They are goregous. I am almost through the second repeat on the front. I think, and I am thinking ahead, I will cast on for a sleeve next. And you can bet, there will be NO knitting them at the same time!

  4. Beautiful cables! I am so happy because now I have seen for the second time Cascade in action in a Starmore! First time was on Katy at Rhinebeck! I can’t wait to cast on Na Cragna!

  5. Look at all that cable-y goodness! I can’t believe you’re working on two elaborate sweaters at once. I bow down to you!
    I’m betting that knitting shop samples is going to be right up your alley! How fun!

  6. Your sleeves look fab all finished.
    We are the same with toothbrushes, there are currently 14 and 1 electric. Last week (before visitors arrived to stay) I asked everyone to pick out their own toothbrush and put it in the container, so I could throw out all the others. They never did it so I threatened to use the first one that came to hand to clean the sink!!!!

  7. Holy cow…Brigid’s sleeves are amazing. I am in awe everytime you post a pic of her. I thought that My tasha’s cable strap was something to tackle…but wow. She looks great I cannot wait to see her modeled!

  8. Love the look – inspired by your knitting but Now I have to learn how to cable. . Re:toothbrushes. I recently removed ALL the toothbrushes and set them in a cup in the kitchen. People had to retrieve the one(s) they used. The rest went into the “grout scrubbing” bucket. Not that I scrub grout that often but it’s the threat that counts.

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