Monday, Monday…

…can’t trust that day. It was an okay weekend and it should be an okay day, but I feel off. The sun came out and it’s warming up, so perhaps that’s a sign that things will improve.

MittenbookIt was raining on Saturday, so the farmer’s market was kind of a bust — there was only a small fraction of the usual vendors. This Saturday will be the last farmer’s market of the season, so I hope it’s a nice day. We did come upon half-price day at a nearby book sale, though, and I scored “Knit Mittens!” for $2; I also found a pattern booklet from 1965 for knitted shells (and two skirts) for 10 cents, and a couple of other books that I snagged with gift-giving in mind. They included notice of an upcoming book sale in February, and we’ve already marked our calendars — we love book sales!
There was some knitting. Despite my lingering Cromarty envy and the fabulous wooliness received from SP2 late last week and the occasional distraction of contemplating Christmas knitting, I kept plugging away at St. Brigid. When I pick it up tonight, I’ll start the third repeat. It seems to be going quickly.

I made Knitche’s Chili All Day recipe again (scroll to October 13) on Saturday afternoon and took it to Mom’s yesterday for our post-game dinner (it was a happy one, since the Packers won yesterday, and the Badgers remain undefeated after their win on Saturday). Thanks again, Abbey; I can’t recommend that recipe enough. I let the chili simmer for a good long time on Saturday, plus the flavors blended some overnight, and it was just delicious! Ai even had some, and that’s something — she’s my “Mikey“!

4 thoughts on “Monday, Monday…

  1. Thanks for the link to the Chili recipe, we made it at the weekend and it was fab….yummmy!!
    I am really jealous about the booksale, I love buying books too.

  2. I just got that Knit Mittens! book the other week. I didn’t get nearly the bargain, though, as I bought it retail (but it was on sale and I had a coupon as well). It’s not the very best mitten book ever, but I do like it and I’m already knitting the first of several pairs of mittens that I have planned to knit from its selections. I can’t wait to see what you think of this book.

  3. Nice score at the book sale! I love books too…there’s something so comforting about being surrounded by books (kind of like being surroounded by knitting). Maybe it’s because both activities are so relaxing!
    St. Brigid looks fabulous…I just started the back of mine last night…only managed 2 rows, but that’s better than nothing!

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