Dreary day

I’m not complaining!  It’s way warmer than it’s supposed to be and the sun might make an appearance this afternoon.  Meanwhile, I have yarn and flower stuff to brighten things up!

First, I forgot to identify the orange-ish hank of yarn in yesterday’s post.  Rather than springing for the second of the three needed hanks of Point 5, Kt bought some Manos del Uruguay, instead — more than twice the yardage at 2/3 the price.  In real life, it’s not quite so bright.  It’s absolutely gorgeous, in fact, and very rich.  It will be a scarf and will look so great with Kt’s hair.  Ai will want to borrow it…

AiknitsAiscarfThis is an equal opportunity blog, so here’s Aison knitting on her scarf last night (sorry about the poor lighting).  And a closer look at the striped progress on her scarf.  She’s concerned about curling, but I think it’ll be okay once blocked.  She has made a few mistakes, but they’re minor and she’s not concerned.  It’s her knitting.

PansyboxThis is the beautiful, old dresser box that my mom gave me for my birthday.  It’s quickly become one of the stars of my pansy collection!  BoxPansies There’s some embossed detail, a faux wood-grain finish, and a nice clasp.  I should have measured it — I’d say it’s approximately 6" x 9" and an inch-and-a-half high.  The lining inside has been re-done in a horrible, horrible fabric that doesn’t "go" at all.  I will have to re-do it again someday.  Click for bigger pics, of course.

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