I ain’t on no diet

I have more yarn stashed than I’ve ever had before.  Some of you would laugh, I’m sure — it really isn’t a lot.  But there is a box from Elann in the laundry room with enough for two sweaters.  It arrived a few weeks ago — I opened it, I looked at it.  Did I even take the time to fondle it?  (I don’t remember.)  There’s a wicker hamper in the living room, a small chest, at least one full drawer in another chest, and a Tupperware container — all full of yarn.  I don’t care.  A girl never has enough, right (see Gifts for Knitters: Day 2)?

More is on the way.  I bought some lovely, bright, Dale Baby Ull at Jody’s stash sale.  Go check out her great stuff!  I’m thinking fun, bright, baby hats.  My sister’s baby will definitely be a hat-wearer.  (My sis is the only person I know — well, okay, her hub and two sons, too — that wears a nightcap.  I swear.)  I’m also praying as that yarn wings its way to me; I learned last night that my sister’s on bed-rest.  She had some spotting and there’s a placenta problem.  (pray knit pray knit pray knit)

I saw Karen’s gorgeous little baby tam on her blog yesterday — and asked her which pattern she used.  She said that she’s been using a pattern in Ann Budd’s Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns.  I have the Handy Book of Sweater Patterns, and more than once I’ve seen things that made me want the "plain" book.  And now that’s on it’s way, too.

But hell, let’s not stop there.  I’ve been wanting to get Scarf Style for my sister and have hesitated ordering it only because I wondered if I shouldn’t make the Qty 2.  I did not.  Instead, I ordered another book…

‘Tis something to help me with #99.  It should be here in two weeks, at the latest.

Merry Christmas to me!  I’m using my not-yet-in-hand, I-have-no-idea-how-much-it-will-be Christmas bonus.  Let’s hope it’s at least $54.09 (not counting Scarf Style — that’s a gift and won’t be coming out of my bonus!).

Among my stops on the way home (in cold wind and snow flurries) was the LYS.  I spent a long time looking at yarn, but came away only with what I went there to get (gift) and the new Knitter’s.  There wasn’t a lot of knitting time last night, what with playing Skip-Bo with Mdd, too, but I did manage to start balls 5 & 6 on the Tahki Davos garter stitch rectangle.  Oh, and I spliced yarn (twice) for the first time last night — it worked great!

9 thoughts on “I ain’t on no diet

  1. Sending prayers your way for your sister.
    Can’t wait to see what kind of mitts you decide to knit, will they come before the socks?
    That wool will make some very cute hats.
    I have more stash than I have ever had too and am running out of places to put it…..

  2. I caught that stash fever as well. Scary, I tell ya. Good wishes going out to your sister. Bedrest has got to be tough – and she has two others to care for? I hope things right themselves soon.

  3. Wondering what mitten book you bought? I too am mesmorized by those mittens of Stephanie”s. I just bought a copy of “Magnificent Mittens” off Ebay. After the holidays I want to try some of these. Also bought a copy of “Mostly Mittens off Ebay too. I will keep your sister in my prayers.

  4. Prayers for your sister. Having been through that with my youngest sister it can make one anxious. May all be well with her.
    I usually feel like you do about yarn acquisitions but I’ve been a little too out of control. It feels good so far.

  5. Yeah, as soon as a bunch of bloggers go on yarn diets I find myself hoarding yarn. I don’t know if it’s some sick rebellion type thing or coincidental, but I had a big order from elann last week and yesterday I went out to the LYS and bought a bunch more. I’m pretending it doesn’t count because all but one hank was for gifts. Does it count? No, it must not.

  6. I’m happy to be an enabler! You should see my 4+ huge rubbermaid containers of yarn. DH wants me to get it down to just the four so I’m taking on the challenge. I think I’ll reward myself with enough Debbie Bliss alpaca silk for an entire sweater when I’ve reached my goal. ha ha

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