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My knitting time was severely curtailed last night due to 1) a meeting and 2) the demand for clean clothes by my children.  I got my fix by looking at all the pretty pictures in Latvian Mittens.  I read some of the words, too.  It is an informative and interesting book to read.

I am thrilled and rather surprised to say that Mdd is enamored with these mittens, too!  She has been having knitting fits and starts, so I picked up Klutz Knitting over the weekend for a Christmas present.  I have loved — more importantly, the kids have loved — every Klutz book we’ve ever owned, so between the book for reference and my support, I think Mdd will enjoy more success.

The time between loading machines and folding clothes — time that would otherwise be spent knitting — was used to sort through and attempt to find partners for orphan socks.  Really, it’s so bad in my house that Mdd doesn’t even care if her socks match — kinda-sorta is okay with her.  There is a milk crate in the laundry room that serves as the collection point for orphan socks and the attempt at sorting/matching is made a few times a year.  The crate has overflowed. The socks are like a tidal wave creeping across the floor.  I have kept and held out hope for particular socks for years — I don’t know why — even if I found the match to one of the half-dozen purple sock variations the elastic is probably shot, the grrs have probably outgrown them, and none of them will even wear purple socks these days.

That’s it (pretty much)!  I sorted through all the colored and patterned socks and made lots of matches.  I tied together three or four that I’ve finally given up on and made a new toy for Mickey.  I threw the rest away, um… except for most of the patterned ones.  Am I an optimist or an idiot?  (You really don’t have to answer that one!)  Damn it, how can so many brightly colored socks get LOST?

The crate is still full of white socks.

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  1. I got such a chuckle out of this post. Our “bin” for socks has become the bottom drawer of the girls’ dresser. All the child-sized socks go in there, even Ian’s socks (poor kid) and we are constantly looking for matches. Today is going to be one big laundry day for me, too. There were no jeans clean for the ladies and they had to wear dresses on this coldest day of the year so far! At least they have warm tights and boots (and I drove them to school instead of our usual walk). The Latvian mittens sound lovely….I so enjoy drooling over knitting books.

  2. OK, Confession time. I have a sock basket that I periodically sort. It’s FULL right now. Overflowing. Needs sorting. And has at least one ten-year-old sock in it. Should I give up?

  3. My grandfather would saftey pin his socks together. They’d go through the wash together and sit in the drawer together. 🙂

  4. Oh where do they go, those odd socks?
    I binned the basketful from my last house and here we are 6 months later and I have another basketful that lives under the bed. I hopefully tip it out on the bed ever month or so, am so excited if I match 10 pairs then put another 10 odd ones back in. When the kids were small we made puppets with all the favourite lonely ones that had been there a while.

  5. Everytime I pull odd socks from the dryer I tell myself I’m going to use those sock bags in the wash – But I haven’t yet. My youngest doesn’t even care if they match. She has ‘days of the week’ socks and do you think she’s ever worn 2 of the same day together? We also have an odd sock bag, that gets fuller all the time. Clearly we all need a front loading washing machine, so nothing can get lost behind the agitator drum.

  6. Don’t you know that that dryer monster eats them…hehe. We have a cupboard over the dryer that is overflowing with socks. My 2 grown children have found that the dryer monster is lurking in their dryers too…….and that Mommy really didn’t loose them all those year ago, they were eaten….haha!

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