I’m getting loose

One of my big problems with circular knitting is that I knit too tight, especially on DPNs.  So why not?  Try it with two colors!  I was trying to be aware, but I could see that there were places where I still carried the yarn too tightly — it’s not awful, but there’s definitely room for improvement.  While I knit last night, I made a very conscious effort to loosen up; geez, it makes the knitting a lot more enjoyable, too!  Now, if I can do that from the get-go, it might be called progress.  Anyway, I have finished the first snowflake (tight) and started the second (loose) and I’m just plowing right ahead…

Thanks for all your nice comments on the mitten.  After further consideration, I think I will definitely knit that second mitten and I will wear them proudly!  I hope the second will demonstrate that I’ve learned from and can correct my mistakes.  And dang, they’re going to be nice warm mittens and baby, it’s cold outside (and colder weather’s coming)!

Thanks, too, for the nice comments about my kitchen.  I’ll tell ya, I’d rather cruise around blogland and look at all the pretty pictures of real life home and garden than spend $7 on a no-one-can-possibly-live-this-way, nothing’s-ever-this-spotless home magazine!

We have snow!  I’d say that about 5" fell yesterday, a little more overnight, and still some this morning.  I saw a fresh vehicle in the ditch on the way to work this morning, so was cautious.  At the first snowflake, the kids think "snow day"!  Mdd left a wishful note on the kitchen table last night asking that we wake her up before her alarm goes off (6:18 a.m.) if today was a snow day.  No such luck.

I spent most of the day cleaning the bathroom and putzing yesterday.  It was stupid cleaning — the kind I usually do when company is due to arrive — like the dusting that requires a stepladder (no one will see), rearranging the cabinet (no one will see), and completely ignoring all the things that people WILL notice (like the sink).

I’ve still got shopping to do (hopefully tonight on the way home) and I haven’t wrapped a single thing.  I don’t think I like Christmas falling on a Saturday.  DH has been given a short shopping list, himself — and, he’s actually been writing and sending cards to "his" list.  I have completely ignored mine.  In fact, while dusting in the computer room, I found last year’s cards and the photo/note thing I made to enclose — lots of them!

I usually do the majority of Santa duties and face the brunt of it on Christmas Eve after festivities with my family.  Even if I’ve already wrapped gifts, they usually still need tags and bows, and the stockings need filling, and it just seems to take a long time.  I used to turn on the TV and watch holiday stuff while I did it, but a few years ago I picked up an old Steve Martin album at a rummage sale and listened to that instead.  I can’t help it, he just cracks me up.  I still recall an appearance he made on The Tonight Show — I can’t tell you what he said or did, but I have never, EVER laughed so hard or long in my life, it was one thing after another.  Anyway, I think there may be a reprise this year.

2 thoughts on “I’m getting loose

  1. I can’t tell you how much I love that mitten! I am way to scared to try that myself. I admire your attitude about it, too! Way to go! Dusting, bathrooms, the kids junk – UGH! 🙂

  2. A lot of “yarn shop ladies” still make loose knitting sound like a disease. I’ve come to recognize that it’s an advantage. Good luck on loosening up, Vicki.

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