Smokin' (or NOT)

Feed me. Teach me. Get me thinkin’.

What to blog, what to blog?  Or, in Harlotese, it’s time to "feed the blog."  Like Margene, blogging is part of my day and I think I do the song and dance pretty well on most days.  Even when I got nothin’, I can usually come up with somethin’.  I have to do this everyday; if I don’t, I’m afraid I won’t.  I can’t believe it, really, that I’ve blogged so consistently for a year.  Do you know how many diaries and/or journals I’ve been given and/or bought in my life?  Can you guess how many actually have words in them… any words at all?  I’ve always wanted to journal regularly, but never did in any way shape or form ’til now.  DH has kept journals fairly regularly since he was a kid — so cool!

So, anyway, this morning I was having trouble with the daily magic trick, trying to conjure that little somethin’ out of nothin’.  I cast on the sleeves for Goldie last night and I’m knitting both at the same time for the first time ever, but that just doesn’t inspire much excitement today.  Tomorrow will mark two weeks without smoking a single cigarette, but I’m not inspired by that, either; maybe tomorrow.  I’m not even getting much out of the kids this week!

When all else fails, a quick run through blogland usually saves the day.  And it is so.  Celia is the first willing victim interviewee to post answers to yesterday’s questions.  She is such an interesting lady.  (She said nice things about me, too.  *Thank you!*  But that’s not why I like her.  Check her out; she’s just uber-cool.)

I visited Annie this morning, too.  She’s gone and learned something new!  She learned it from Mary Beth, specifically here.  I’m sure you will agree that Mary Beth is one fine knitter, and very generous.  Inspiring, really…

I had a bit of a revelation about patterns and charts when I started Goldie and Mary Beth left a comment:

I like to think that the chart gets me started, like a map, but I try to go out on my own as soon as I can – that’s when the fun begins!

Goldie is nothing too complicated, but there are a number of things going on and I tried to heed Mary Beth’s advice; I’ve been "out on my own" for much of this sweater.  The resulting freedom became evident last night when I looked at my original notes for the sleeve and noticed all the hash marks from the first time — a LOT of hash marks — hash marks for every row, every repeat, every increase — every everything was noted — and realized that I was FREE!  It was a revelation — I’m reading my stitches and my knitting better than I ever have before!  Thanks to encouraging nudges by people like Mary Beth.  ; )

Abra-cadabra.  Somethin’ out of nothin’.

6 thoughts on “Feed me. Teach me. Get me thinkin’.

  1. Isn’t it wonderful how we can do that, something out of nothing…just like knitting. From string to a wearable object.

  2. I was thinking the same thing this morning (but lacked the energy to write it into a post!) about blogs. It’s amazing the kind of inspiration we get from fellow knitters/bloggers. I’ve learned so much in the year I’ve been blogging.
    And I gotta say, I was just thinking the other day how impressive it is that you and Margene are able to come up with posts every day. That definitely is an accomplishment.

  3. I’m speechless! Really don’t know what to say. My knitting has been so enhanced by blogging, but even more than that I value the friendships I’ve made. I’m sure that comment that I made was in response to your post – it just made things click for me so that the thought was clear in my head. Very cool.
    Just yesterday, I was driving and thinking about knitting (of course) and I thought “I wonder if I could make a St. Brigid, like Vicki’s…” The fun never stops!

  4. Whew. I’m finally caught up. I love the cold turkey hat! What a fabulous gift. And the number of cigs you HAVEN’T smoked – holy cow. Thank goodness you quit. Not only can you change the patterns – but you can also remember what you did?! Crazy.

  5. It’s Friday and I’m posting this in Thursday’s comments because I beat you to the posting punch today. Herewith:
    Two weeks, 2 weeks. TWO WHOLE FREAKIN’ WEEKS!!! You are awesome! There are those of us out here in blogland who are immensely proud of you for stabbing the nicotine monster in the back with all the knitting needles you can muster. Before you know it, it’ll be double-dog-down-dirty DEAD! No more cigarette monster! You have vanquished the foe!
    Nice knitting, btw 😉
    As an aside….I just viewed this in ‘preview’ mode and it tells me it was posted at 1:27 pm…how does that work? It’s 8:29am right now. Anyone? Is this some sort of internet magic? …just curious…..

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