…warm woolen mittens

Is it Julie Andrews Day and I didn’t get the memo?  (Or, judging by this post, perhaps it’s Linkapalooza Day!)  First, Cara’s writes about her "supercalifragilistic husband" today (isn’t that cute?) and then Susie, spurred by Rox, who was inspired by seeing The Sound of Music, tagged me with a new meme:

My (10) Favorite Things

It’s a good thing, too, because all I’ve got for you today is news of three (or four) loads of laundry, two oil changes, eight rotated tires, a bazillion ends woven in on Goldie (I wasn’t movin’ too fast), and one new Kool-aid bootie using a different pattern.  That leaves two matching Kool-aid booties to knit (2nd bootie syndrome?) and a pair of sleeves to sew in.  So, here we go (off the top of my head):

1. My family, of course; even the extended branches and in-laws.

2. My friends, both real and "imaginary."

3. Warm, sunny days (when I don’t have to work).

4. A clean house (even though I’ve sucked at cleaning lately).

5. Watching my perennial garden coming to life every spring.  Pansies.

6. The aroma of baking — bread, cake, pie, cookies, anything!

7. Milky Way candy bars.  (They have RECIPES??  See #6.)

8. The smell of line-dried laundry and babies.

9. Knitting, of course.  Everything from perusing patterns and playing with yarn to conquering new techniques and finishing something.

10. Making a "score" while antiquing, thrifting or rummaging — as in finding something obscure but meaningful to me, but not necessarily "collectable" or valuable (but if it is, that’s okay, too).

So, how ’bout it? Cara, dear, last week you might have had chocolate-covered raisins on this list, but I’m not so sure now.  Ann, my inspiring, chicken-hat knitting, imaginary quitter (hey, we’re up to 5!) friend.  And hey, why not Marlana, one of those just-discovered cold turkeys.  When you have times, ladies.

4 thoughts on “…warm woolen mittens

  1. DH just called to see if we have water. I cannot tell a lie. No hotel for me tonight. He’s still a keeper.
    He’s number one on my list. I’ll get to the other’s tomorrow. K? (Only ten rows to go on my short-row back! Whoohoo!)

  2. Thanks for posting Jordans pics and thanks to all of you for your sweet comments, he is very pleased with himself, unfortunately the negativity at school was from teachers not pupils!!
    You’ve been very busy, cute booties, good luck with sewing in the bazillion ends on Goldie.

  3. Oooh! Oooh! I have second bootie syndrome too! And the shower’s Saturday. Whatever am I going to do? lol

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