Busy, busy, busy

That’s all I can say…  I think I did a little knitting on Friday night and some on Sunday night, but it was go-go-go sandwiched between!  In case you’re interested in nothin’ but knittin’, it’s the Debbie Bliss Bunny Booties (Ann, your mention of those a while back was all it took!) — one bootie and a pair of ears are finished and I’ve got a start on the second bootie.  It’s a great pattern and they’re adorable.  My sister’s due date was yesterday, so she’s officially overdue (at last visit, doc said he’d let her go at least a week over).  Pins and needles!!

Dsc04778The Packerland Ride for MDA cruised through on Saturday.  I have only ever been on a motorcycle once in my life, but I still get shivers and a little thrill at the sound of hundreds of rumbling motorcyles.  And the sight — Hog Heaven, for sure!  (I thought of you, Margene.)  We actually caught them "in the pen" on our way to the last of the graduation parties.  Sorry about the pole, Ai snapped the shot from the car window, but it gives you an idea of numbers!


The graduation party was nice, though we spent the first little bit in the basement because the tornado warning sirens were blaring!  It all blew by, as it were, with nothing but strong wind and a few minutes of heavy rain.  The graduate is a former neighbor who basically grew up with Ai, but moved away a few years ago.  They played Barbies and Legos for hours, spent many days at the pool, played softball together…  Mdd played with the two younger boys almost everyday.  I still miss that family very much.

Another of Ai’s friends is starting his journey to the Middle East with the National Guard today.  From what I gather, there will be a training period in Mississippi and he’ll eventually see Kuwait or Iraq.  Godspeed Patrick.

I had every intention of participating in Celia’s International Pajama Day on Sunday!  I even mentioned it to my family.  I was going to help DH put the air conditioners in the windows and then kick back for the rest of the day!  (Oh, go see Celia’s posts about Rome!  Kt was swooning over the shoes yesterday… it’s all so beautiful!)  I think the PMS has manifested itself in the manic cleaning lady rather than the bitch this month — happens now and then.  The a/c project led to washing of windows, which led to washing and hanging of curtains on the line, which meant finishing the laundry that was started on Saturday.  Then I decided to roll up the rugs in the living areas for the summer, so I rolled up two rugs and two pads and hauled them into storage and that project, of course, led to vacuumming.  Somewhere in there, I ran with Kt so she could drop off some job applications and, since they were at grocery stores, I took care of the list that Mdd kindly made for me.  We also went to Target where I finally ordered my new glasses.  They’ll be here in about a week and you’ll most certainly see.  And I tackled weeds — garlic mustard on the west side of the house on Saturday (after Jazzercise), an icky mess near the deck on Sunday.

Sounds like I need a vacation!  Guess what?  I think I’m getting one!!  DH has been hinting for a while about going to NYC for an event that’s kinda work related (really, it’ll be a whole lotta fun, work or not).  The hints have been getting stronger and the desire greater as the date is fast approaching.  He’s had some good news recently, some of it accompanied by green stuff, so he sweetened the deal (from my point of view) by asking if I’d like to go along!  Hell, yeah!!!  I was only in NYC once before, about 12-13 years ago for another work thing, and the only fun stuff we did was see Miss Saigon on Broadway and go to the Empire State Building.  This time, I’m having more fun!  Anyone wanna have fun with me??  I’m searching for a nice, inexpensive hotel (okay, cheap, but nice and clean) — any and all suggestions, highly appreciated.  Woo!  The Big Apple (is it still called that?) here we come!

7 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy

  1. Yay for NYC trips!!! Unfortunately I can’t give where to stay suggestions – but I will be delighted (over the moon delighted) to come and meet you!

  2. I AM SO FREAKIN’ HAPPY!!!!! I can’t WAIT to HUG YOU!
    PS – I’ll see if I can hook you up hotel wise. G has connections. Email coming!

  3. Ooo-ooo-ooo Baby! A New York holiday! One of my faves, but unfortunately not coming up in my near future. Wish I had where-to-stay suggestions but I always bunk with my brother…not much help, I know. And IPJ Day? There will always be another chance to lounge, m’dear.

  4. Cara’s probably got more ideas and info than I do, but let me know via email when you’re heading in.

  5. I wish I could be there too! But you’ll be sorta near York PA and I live a mile from where Harley’s are built. If you come this way in September you will see thousands of them at the open house. I miss the days when we rode cross country. Have a blast in the City!

  6. Everytime I read you and you mention our state, a weird little thrill goes through me. It’s like begin connected to someone famous. lol

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