Knitting down the highway

On my way to work this morning, I reached into my bag (the one that I carry instead of a purse because a purse hurts my shoulder, but it holds far more and is way heavier than any purse I ever had in my life!) for my (new) cell phone and dialed work.  Where I’d normally be cruising between 65-75 mph, I was going about 30 and decreasing, so I told my boss that it looked like I’d be late.  Turns out we were almost completely stopped for about 20 minutes, plus a little stop & go action, and I was about 35 minutes late.  So I reached into my other bag (the knitting bag that I carry around but don’t really use much at work or in the car) and pulled out my knitting!  Woohoo, I knit a whole round on my Tivoli T!  The bright red yarn stood out nicely in my lap against my grass green capris.

Rdbttns_1_2Don’t forget to swipe the Knit Red button, if you’d like, and leave a comment.  I’ll get a little list made up soon.  To enter the Knit Red / I Have A New Nephew / I’m Going To NYC / Look How My Garden Grows Contest and possibly win a fabulous prize direct from New York City, leave a comment on any post.  Period.  It’s that simple — just do it by midnight on Sunday.  Drawing will likely take place on Monday.

I was able to knit a few rounds over the weekend while Big Mac napped on the futon and his mom napped upstairs, but oh, very few.  The stupid knitting bag keeps falling over, upside down (it did it again last night, I think it’s vying for attention), so most of the action lately has involved just shoving all the knitting and accoutrements back into the bag with a promise!  Soon enough, I’ll have all my bags packed with much more than I’ll ever need for a weekend in NYC, I’m sure, and tomorrow afternoon there will be knitting on the plane.  The plane!  The plane!!

Thank you all for your sweet comments and congratulations!  I miss my sis and her family, especially that sweet little baby.  My mom said that my baby sis told her that I saved her life over the weekend.  How cool is that, I get to mother my baby sister and her baby (if that’s not right up my alley, I don’t know what is), and have a complete and total blast while saving lives.  Where’s my cape??

I’ll try to post in the morning, but I haven’t packed a thing yet, so don’t be surprised if I don’t and, in that case, I’ll see you on the other side!

31 thoughts on “Knitting down the highway

  1. Oohh lovely baby. The 2 photos are are of my fave “parts” of a baby – the lovely profile, there’s something round and cute about it and their lovely footsies, I love kissing little baby footsies. By the way, I’m knitting a RED Clapotis. First time I’m knitting with RED and you’re having a contest. How fun! My first time taking part in a blog contest too. Thanks for letting me participate 🙂

  2. Hey –
    Add me to your list! I’m knitting a red flame stitch cardi. When I have time to sit down at my computer at home, I’ll add the button to my blog!

  3. I just ordered my RED silk 🙂 I’m not sure what it will be yet (NOT BIRCH, I tell you, NOT BIRCH) but I’m thinking some kind of stole…hmmm…
    Have a blast in NYC 🙂

  4. My baby nephew’s sooo far away. Lucky you! That one’s a keeper.
    NYC’s my old stompin’ grounds. I used to work in the Garment District. I would never leave the woods to live in town, but I could see myself living in a brownstone somewhere in the ’70s along the Park…
    Have a wonderful time….

  5. How CUTE is that baby!!! Have BIG fun in NYC. Try to get to the MMA if you can. Add me to your RED LIST!! I’m almost done with my RUBY RED Clapotis!!

  6. I just realized that I have a red project on needles and am about to start TWO more. What happened to my usual blues and greens?
    Have a great time on your trip! Sounds like you’ll be making the most of every minute.

  7. Congratulations! And what a sweetie pie that baby is! And when I finally get my order of cochineal and get some stash dyed up, I’ll join the Knit Red brigade! I’m trying really really hard not to buy any more yarn.

  8. Cute baby! I just a new addition also – a grandson, he’s the sweetest! I also “Knit Red” – a shawl from JaggerSpun Heathers (see my blog).

  9. Cute baby! I just had a new addition also – a grandson, he’s the sweetest! I also “Knit Red” – a shawl from JaggerSpun Heathers (see my blog).

  10. Do you have any recommendations of things to do and see in NYC? Do you need any?
    You should hit School Products for yarn if you have the time (1201 Broadway 3rd floor). http://www.schoolproducts.com
    And Il Laboratorio del Gelato for yummy gelato. It’ on the lower east side. http://www.laboratoriodelgelato.com/
    Hopefully it will be nice and cool here, not 95 like it was last week. Being in the city is torture when it’s too hot.

  11. Have a wonderful time in NYC. And soon I’ll be knitting something RED. I am making myself finish my WIPs first, though.

  12. Wow! I thought I was the only one sneaking in stitches while driving! Glad to know I have company.

  13. hey wonder woman (she had a cape too!), that metal action hero bra of yours will never make it through airport security!

  14. Ok.. this is a blatant attempt at winning the contest, but you know I luv ya, and you know that I post regularly so maybe it’s not THAT blatant. Ok. It is. I know it, too!
    Have a great trip to NYC! I’ll keep Wisconsin going while you are gone 🙂

  15. Little Mac is beautiful. Have a wonderful time in New York and buy lots of wool.

  16. Oooohh… I like RED! And your new nephew…well, too sweet! Enjoy him! I love having new babies in the family… I usually end up with one (or two or three) on my lap at family events. I love being the babny magnet!
    🙂 enjoy NYC.

  17. I have a garden now! Or at least a place for one. Right now it’s just a lawn being taken over by clover and desperately in need of a good mowing that we’ve neglected while moving. Someday I’ll knit and garden again!

  18. What a precious little man!! What a joy they are too! I’ll be knitting up a RED tissue cozy and posting soon. Everyone should have some red accent in their decore me thinks!

  19. What a cutie pie your nephew is! *smiles* I’m planning on doing the “Knit Red” fun here with some Austermann Pharoah–now I just need the right shawl/stole pattern. 🙂
    Have a blast in NYC!

  20. Stopped by your sight and it is quite lovely! I am especially fond of your Wisconsin yarn resources. One question though. How in the world did you end up in Butternut??? If you stay on HWY 13 to Ashland, bop over to Bayfield, then ferry it to Madeline Island, there is a terrific yarn store “Mad Island Weaver.”

  21. Have a great time in NY. Do the strands of my red hair that always seem to get into my knitting count as knitting red? =)

  22. Does the comment have to be about red for the contest? I’m knitting mostly pink at the moment. How about….when you get to NY, paint the town red!

  23. Such a cute little man!! Thank heavens for sisters like you.
    It is always fun to get in some knitting when you don’t expect to (alot better then work).

  24. Heard through the lists about the Knit Red revolution. Usually I am so far behind on trends I am nearly retro, but this time, I happen to be right in the thick of it. I recently completed a La Boeheme shawl in the lovely Tequila Sunrise colorway which features red and gold and shades in between.
    I also (because I have this fascination with rayon boucle) made a simple curved shawl from Burnished Red. Lovely dark reds and blacks. I just love it.
    And marinating nicely in the stash – awaiting free needles (well, no not really, I have free needles to cast on, I am just trying to show a modicum of self control and not cast on *another* project) are three absolutely knock-down kick-ass Cabernet colored skeins of La Luz waiting to become a Flower Basket Shawl.
    I have always loved red – nice to see it is finally getiing its props!

  25. It was nice to meet you at the Point on Friday. Hope you’re enjoying NYC, too bad it’s 10 million degrees here at the moment!

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