In which there is little news of knitting

So, I’ll get the knitting news out of the way — I started a square for the Tribute Project.  I have always loved the log cabin motif, so thought I’d try it.  This one may not pass QC, and I’m not sure it’s really going to work.  It’s a start.  I did allow myself a little bit of knitting on the sock, too.

I did a lot of cleaning yesterday — with three cats, a dog, four women doing stuff to their hair all the time, it cannot be put off for too long.

I just about laughed ’til I died last night watching American Masters "Bob Newhart: Unbuttoned" and On Stage at the Kennedy Center: The Mark Twain Prize 2002 (to Bob Newhart, of course).  There was some repetition of clips and whatnot, but honestly, I laughed harder at "Moo Goo Goo Goo" the second time around, anyway; a third might have done me in.  I’m not kidding, I was crying, snot was running, and I was gasping for air!  I love spending an evening knitting and laughing my head off!

Mdd will be home tomorrow, so I’ll be able to hear all about the "cute counsilors" — I’m especially interested in why the Irish one was in all caps and underlined.  With a smiley face, too.

Kt will also be home tomorrow — early, like 5 a.m. — rather than Saturday, as originally planned.  Things didn’t go well in Toronto yesterday, the biggest bummer being that despite email confirmation of a reservation, the hostel had no reservation for them — and no available room.  They did find another, but it cost twice as much, and her friend is a little bummed about the location of the school, and and and…

Gosh, I just don’t see Ai very much anymore…

5 thoughts on “In which there is little news of knitting

  1. I LOVE the moo goo goo goo show…it always makes me cry laughing too! Sorry I missed it with the Mark Twain prize.
    But it was such fun to relive Bob Newhart’s career!

  2. Sounds like Ali will need her mother’s hug. You have such great grrls and they are lucky to have you as a Mom.

  3. Of course it will pass QC! There is No QC. 😉 As a matter of fact, I’m working on a garter stitch square right now. Easy peasy.

  4. Oh I’m pissed I missed the Bob Newhart thing – he’s always been one of my favorites! And we were looking for good TV last night!
    I’m sure your square is wonderful – it’s made with love. That’s all that counts!

  5. HellOOOOOO! Irish guys are hot! Didn’t we establish that with the Liam Neeson comment? 😉

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