What’s in the bag?

Mdd5Mdd’s scarf just kept getting in the picture!  In the middle, you see the needles that she used to knit said scarf.  I had very few needles with me and my sister has even fewer than that, so I had to buy some biggies for Mdd.  These are not your run-of-the-mill, scarf-knitting, big needles — these are handcrafted by "A Yarn Good Idea," the local Eau Claire interest of a retired UW professor.  This particular pair are made of birch and black walnut, but there many other combinations, styles and products.  He has been working with the ladies at Yellow Dog Knitting to make refinements and improvements to his circular needles and from what I saw, they are quite nice.  Wooden shawl pins and buttons are also in his product line — at the shop, I saw the most gorgeous accent button in the shape of an oak leaf.  Striking!

Flanking the big needles are a set of Addi Natura circs, which I’m using with the Red Barn Farm yarn (say that three times fast!) for Caryl’s Kerchief/Small Shawl, and a set of Addi DPNs — a set of 5 — which might first be used to lure the former sock (just a ball of yarn now) out of time out.

Mdd6There were several Baby Albert Coats on display as shop samples at Yellow Dog and I was drawn to them over and over.  Each was knit in different yarn and in different color combinations, some with hoods, some with collars, all cute!  I had borrowed both of Sally Melville’s books from the library a short while ago, but I won’t have to borrow The Knit Stitch anymore.  ; )  Three potential baby recipients come immediately to mind — maybe they’ll all get one!

Mdd1I bought the yarn for one — three colors of Classic Elite Wings.  I also bought the Fiber Trends pattern for the Braid & Bobble Hat (that one’s been on the list for a long, long time).

Speaking of babies and knitting, it’s been getting cooler in these parts and I’ve heard that booties have been keeping M*c’s tootsies warm, and his little noggin has been warmed with both Mr. Dashwood and Tanguy (it’s snug but still fits) in recent days.  When I knit Tanguy for his dad (intended for Christmas), I may have to knit another for the M*cster!  It’s quite possible that I’ll be going to Madison this weekend, too, so I’ll likely have updated pics.  I think we’re due some baby-love, huh?  I’m in the mood.

7 thoughts on “What’s in the bag?

  1. I need to starting knitting for the kids – I’m such a selfish knitter sometimes!
    Some baby love would indeed be good! I went to the dr with my sis the other day for my nephew’s 4mth check up. He weighs as much as my niece did at a YEAR! Crazy!

  2. I’ve made what feels like a million Baby Alberts. I think it makes a perfect gift, especially for someone you’re not necessarily that close to; it’s very cute, but doesn’t upstage the crocheted blanket from Aunt Helga, or god forbid, anything from Grandma. It’s simple, and fast, and doesn’t take a lot of yarn. And it’s adorable, of course.

  3. Can’t wait to see new photos of Mack! I think the Einstein coat for babies is brilliant – it takes forever to make for an adult. Ask me how I know!

  4. I am so behind on my blog reading. You have been a very busy lady. I enjoyed playing catch up on your blog. I just love the Braid and Bobble hat too. I need to put that on my list. Can’t wait for the update on little mack too.

  5. I loved all your trip photos and Maddys scarf looks very cosy. I gave my Mm my Braid and Bobbles hat, so need to knit another one for me. I love it.

  6. Hey Vicki!
    I did the baby albert sweater for my new ‘second cousin in-law’ (or something like that).. it was a quick knit.. even for me! The hardest part was finding cute baby sized buttons to go with it.

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