I like it, I love it

Okay, so one of the things I really, really like about the Secret Pal thing is that I get presents in the mail.  Some of the presents aren’t a real big surprise, like The Purl Stitch book — my pal and I had talked about books and I sort of knew that one was atop the list of possibilities because of my recent purchase of The Knit Stitch.  Fiber isn’t a big surprise, either, of course, except for the exact nature — the possibilites for color, content and weight are endless.  Having recently been exposed to fiber in a quantity causing overload at Rhinebeck, I’ve been thinking a little bit about choices and what I ultimately end up actually choosing for things — mostly in relation to color.  When I stop to think about it, my favorite colors and the colors I’m drawn to most in yarn and the colors I choose when I’m actually making something and the colors I like when buying ready-made are sometimes vastly different.  I like it, but I wouldn’t wear it…  I like it, but that color doesn’t look good on me…  I like it, but…  And so, sometimes the things I make don’t always go with the things I’ve bought.  In almost every case, I doubt I’d have purchased what a secret pal has given me.  And yet… my Shapely Shawlette from secret pal yarn in shades of green and blue is one of my faves, but I probably wouldn’t have even looked at it in a shop!  From the minute I laid eyes on the new "Juniper Hills" alpaca, I knew I loved it — and also knew that I would probably never have bought it for myself!  Is it the spirit in which it is given and received helping to "color my world"?  Maybe.  I’m head over heels!

I had more today, but I hit something and it’s gone.  And it’s late, so maybe tomorrow.  (Reminders:  Party, movie, Kt, stash, Christmas.)

Comments will reach 3000 soon.  I wonder who it will be…

9 thoughts on “I like it, I love it

  1. I sometimes feel like I’m stuck in that color rut. I see what I would LIKE to wear, but don’t have the guts to. That why god invented sock yarn. 😉
    Glad you’re loving the alpaca!

  2. Don’t ya hate when the blog eats your entry? That happened to me twice last week. You’d think I’d learn to save but nope. I’ll look forward to the rest of the post tomorrow!

  3. i tend to get in color ruts. this fall, it was all orange, all the time. now i’m starting to move towards blues as it gets colder. i find myself going out shopping and when i look at what i bought, it’s all one color. weird.

  4. Oh, I hope it’s me!!!
    Color is hard. There is no way I’m going to spend lots o money and time on something that I’m not sure I will like. It’s ALWAYS easier to just go the safe route….

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