There’s good news and there’s bad news.  Bad news first.

Bad #1:  My wake-up call this morning was from Alison.  She was in an accident on the way to school this morning — she’s fine, the car is not.  She lost control — snowy roads — spun around backwards across the median and hit the side of a school bus (no kids on board, thankfully).

Bad #2:  Then the high school called and said that they had my daughter in the office.  I’m thinking, "Huh?  Who’s in high school?  Katie’s in college, Ali’s in college, Maddy’s in mid… oh, yeah, Maddy’s in high school!"  It’s been nearly half a year and I’m not used to it yet.  Anyway, she wasn’t feeling well.  Our phone has been very busy this morning.

On to the good news.

Good #1:  The last Better Pal package arrived yesterday — some absolutely GORGEOUS bamboo yarn and some of those little Chibis in the orange container!  I’m anxiously awaiting the revelation…  Who Are You?

Good #2:  Also in the mail yesterday was wool from Scotland!!  Anything — and I mean anything — else on my radar fell off.  I cast on a sleeve for Mack’s Weasley and I’m within centimeters of casting off.  The handsome, little recipient will be here this weekend and, as he won’t remember a thing, I’ll be using his real arm to determine whether I’m on the right track or should be going up a size or two.  I’ll take all kinds of measurements!

Good #3:  I had notification of the shipment of the book for the Crossed In Translation knit-along, too.  I wonder if there’s a whole container on its way full of nothing but those books!

General Goodness:  The good outweighs the bad — there are a million little "good things."  Given recent events, I’m more acutely aware of them all — big and small, warts and all — for which I am thankful.  Among them, and not the least of which is you.  Yeah, YOU!  Thanks, you guys, for reading, writing, lurking.

Happy Thanksgiving!  (DH is making pumpkin pies and I’m trying something new — Sweet Potatoes with Apples from Jane Brody’s Good Food Book.)

14 thoughts on “Huh?

  1. those girls —- thank God they’re fine! what a morning to not be smoking…..ugh!
    Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful to have you to quit smoking with!

  2. Goodness!!! What a morning! Glad that both girls are okay. Have a wonderful holiday with your lovely family!
    And I just got a Chibi, but it’s not orange. 🙁
    I’m so not-cool.

  3. Well, it’s not me. But it sounds like my signature orange chibi is getting around, heh. I’ve made that sweet potatoes and apple dish from Jane Brody and was disappointed in it. Flat. Needs something. Probably butter, hee.
    What a day you had! Glad to hear everyone’s ok. Have a more peaceful day tomorrow!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Vicki! What a crazy day you had. Hope all has settle down today. Jane Brody is one of my favorite cookbooks…if I cook. Thanks for being a great friend. Wish I could have been your pal, too;-)

  5. Well it appears your day got better as time went on. I do hope both your daughters who ran into bad luck have a better day tomorrow.

  6. Hope Alison didn’t get hurt in her accident. I’m sure it must have scared her. Also hope Maddy was able to recoup for the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving, Vicki

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