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Best seat in the house

Dsc06043_1Dsc06041_1Duncan’s got the best seat in the house for admiring the tree!  He’s been super-feisty lately, terrorizing his fellow pets and tearing around the house with such vim and vigor that some of us have been caught in the crossfire.  I was innocently folding laundry on Sunday when Duncan came tearing through the space between me and the basket; his paw landed on my foot and a claw was extended, striking right between two toes (OUCH! and many expletives deleted) as he launched himself through.  He actually drew blood — like I dripped blood on the floor when I went to get a band-aid!  He drew blood on Ali at some point, too, though I don’t think there was dripping.

Dsc06064_3The girls look like they’re playing Ring-Around-the-Christmas-Tree, don’t they?  Katie’s wearing my red cowboy hat — she looks way better in it than me, but here you go.  Yeehaw!  I got all gussied up this morning — even tied a bandana around my neck — for a bathroom mirror pic to keep y’all happy.  Y’all happy?  I hate having my picture taken and it’s absolute torture to take one of myself.  I must really love you guys.  (Don’t burst my bubble, okay?)  Added later:  Oh, for crying out loud, I didn’t mean to post a life-size picture.  Really, I didn’t.

Dsc06060Proof that wonders never cease:  there are knitting pictures today.  There we have Shirley Shrugs with not a bad reprsentation of color — it’s a toughie, a gray-ish, sage-y-ish green.  I think I’ve got one repeat to go before starting the first experimental shaping of the shoulder using short rows, though it seems to be measuring up a little short.  It’s all experimental.  I love that in a Christmas gift for Mom, two and a half weeks from deadline and several days behind, don’t you?

Dsc06061Man, I love these Log Cabin Socks.  I love that yarn, too.  Cascade Pastazza — soft, a little fuzzy.  I should be even further but I screwed up yesterday at the change from ribbing to pattern.  See how the ribs flow right into the cables?  I forgot to move a stitch and I was off by one and didn’t realize it ’til I’d already done the second cable.  R.i.p.

16 thoughts on “Best seat in the house

  1. That hat was MADE FOR YOU! And the girls do look like they’re playing ring around the rosie. Be careful with the cat scratches. My brother’s gf is a vet and she was telling us that cat scratches are the WORST for bacteria. Really, really bad. Did you put some kind of antibiotic cream on it? Wait. Maybe she was talking about cat bites. Anyway. Cat’s carry A LOT of bacteria. So be careful.

  2. Ohhhh all the cables!! Yummy!
    I started a cable project yesterday (albeit a small one) and I’m in love with cables all over again!
    Your tree looks marvelous! I can’t get any decent pics of my green tree.
    And I hear you about posting your pic! I’m averaging ONE pic of myself a year on my blog. Works for me! πŸ™‚

  3. I love the cowboy hat! LOL at Duncan. Our youngest cat is tearing up the house too. Must be the cold weather or something.
    I haven’t put up the tree yet. I’m afraid the youngest cat will try to climb it! Maybe just a table top tree this year.

  4. Vicki,
    That hat was made for you darling!! Very cute. Those log cabin socks look positively yummy for these cold winter days. We have 12 deg. here in Kansas City and even colder with wind chill. What’s the temp there in Wisconsin? We usually don’t get this cold this early. Enough for the weather report. Chelle

  5. I love that hat. I cracked up when I saw your addendum — “for crying out loud…” Of COURSE I had to click on it. Yeehaw!
    I must make those socks. I think I even have some Pastaza in the stash.

  6. Yeehaw!! You look marvelous in red…the read hat especially. LOVE the socks! I might have better lucky with that pattern.

  7. Don’t you LOVE the Log Cabin Socks? That is my favorite sock pattern ever..I’m about to do some for my husband and add leather bottoms.

  8. you look mahvelous dahling, absolutely mahvelous!! and so do the socks…..
    btw. it is cat bites that are really bad, but you should still put antibiotic cream on your scratches….

  9. Cute hat.
    Yummy cables, my favourite, they look great, a few days behind on the xmas gift isn’t too bad, I am about 2 weeks behind and just got a special request for more socks!

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