New digs

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Above:  Sunday morning; DH is finishing off the screwing.  Um, yeah, that would be the keyboard tray of the computer desk that had a whole bunch of screws.  I’d already done my part.  ; )  (Forgive the mismatched orientation of the pictures, please.)

Below:  Sunday afternoon.  It’s cozy and it took some doing — that desk is 72" on each side and (to me) it doesn’t look all that huge until you actually try to put it someplace!  There is barely an inch to spare anywhere.  A special shelf had to be made for the printer and new arrangements for all the laundry supplies (the washer is at my right hip, you can see the top of the Tide).  We all agree that it looks very office-like, and mostly due to the new ($16.00 at Home Depot, indoor/outdoor — the better on which to roll a chair — and easily cut-to-size) blue rug.  I have since filled up much more of the shelving.  ; )

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Dsc07529It’s also a room with a view.  No doubt I’ll be sharing shots out this window in the future.

This has provided a tiny little peek into what it would be like to move.  OH MY GOD WE I WE I WE HAVE A LOT OF CRAP.  I have to get organized and I have to get rid of some stuff.  Yesterday, I printed out rummage sale labels for all of us!  The big event at my sister’s is little more than a month away.


Glad y’all got a kick out of my Central Park knitting.  That’s pretty much all the knitting I actually did over the weekend, too!  So much vying for my time these days.  I think about it all the time, though, ‘cuz there’s certainly one or two extra balls of yarn around here.

11 thoughts on “New digs

  1. Very cozy! Love the window. My office is windowless. When you’re done de-cluttering – can you come do my house?

  2. wow, a room of one’s own (kind of) AND a room with a view! It will be fun to imagine you gazing out that window as you write to us!

  3. We have so much crap, too, after living in the same house for 25 years! Even though we periodically dump, we still have a crapload. Love the view! That’s one of my favorite things about my office – the window and the view.

  4. What a lovely little office! I keep scheming about the current toy room, but alas, the ninos are still little. It would be cruel to banish them the basement while they still enjoy our company.
    Have you been to Sheboygan yet? Did I miss you? Or is it still in the plans??
    I don’t know if you’re interested, but Farm Technology Days is in our neck of the woods this year, and I’m demo-ing knitting (maybe two socks on two circs? That’ll blow the grannies away) and tatting (which won’t blow anyone’s mind)on Wednesday at 1 pm.

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