It’s cooler.  I never got my deluge, but I don’t care!  It’s cooler outside!!

I never did make a list of my can-controls and can’t-controls yesterday.  There are a couple of things that top each of those lists that I don’t really even need to write down, you know?  They’re there.  So, I picked one of those things from the can-control list and made a phone call to discuss the situation and some ideas I had in regards to changing the situation.  So, yeah.  It was hard and I had to choke back some emotion a few times and I maybe didn’t say everything quite exactly right on the phone — DAMN, I always have the best conversations and/or arguments with people in my head while I’m brushing my teeth and fixing my hair.

I feel better having just done something.

I continued with the willy-nillyness of my goofball Log Cabin thing — don’t know if it’ll be a rectangle or a square.  I didn’t mention that I’m using Sugar & Cream and Peaches & Creme — and I so love the P&C "gumdrop" and "fiesta ombre" colorways.  It looks like a Log Cabin Gumdrop Fiesta, doesn’t it?  Can’t you picture the pinatas?

Anyway, thank you for all your help.

Another Hallelujah (k.d. lang’s version, which I’ve been listening to as I write this) to my brother! I’ve been meaning to mention that I think he will be returning to work next week — it’s been just over five months since I saw that helicopter on its way to get him.  All he’s waiting on is the official "all clear" at his next, upcoming round of doctor appointments.  He’s totally amazing.

SOS.  I need help with integrating PayPal Pro into an existing website that uses Miva Merchant.  This is a can-do that I can do, but I’m having trouble with execution.  I’ve done something similar before, but it was a while ago and that knowledge has long been displaced — likely by how to fix a messed up cable.

9 thoughts on “Hallelujah

  1. I know what you mean about those conversations in your head. They always go better than there than they do out in the real world. But kudos to you for biting the bullet.

  2. Love the CAN DO attitude. I could use a little of that myself. AND YEAH BRO! That’s FANTASTIC!

  3. Can I hear an AMEN on the cooler weather?! Woke up here and it’s 67 (we did get some deluge, thankfully) and it feels FREEZING and lovely.
    Glad you had that dreaded conversation. I know the kind you mean, and it does always feel better to at least take a step.

  4. I have fantastic conversations in my head all the time (blog posts too) but by the time I can write something down it all poofs away. I’m glad you’re finding a way to deal with the “controls”
    I stumbled upon P&C at Wallmart last weekend (not one of my usual places – but the Princess needed wet socks) and they had it in huge cones for $6. As I was choosing which ones that were going to go home with my husband interceeded and mentioned the number of dishclothes we already have…sometimes he is no fun at all!

  5. We had the deluge for you and cooling off but still the humidity!
    I know what you mean about conversations planned in your head while brushing your teeth. Unfortunately, they never unfold quite as tidily in real life.
    That is great news for Michael.

  6. We had a deludge on Tuesday with hundreds of trees down around the area, too. It’s still on the comfortable side, too. It always feels go to DO something rather than stew over it and not one of us can pull of a conversation like we think it should be. It’s just good to have it off your chest.
    Hurray for Michael!

  7. So glad to hear about your brother. It’s also good to have less heat to deal with, adds a better perspective to even the most trying things; hang in there.

  8. SO GREAT about your brother!
    Hang in there (im in the doldrums today ! maybe once we get that rain you got and it gets below 10000000 degrees i will feel better!

  9. congrats on the can control take charge steps! I like the idea of making your list and it could be a good idea for me to try too…

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