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Now I remember… we're driving up to Sturgeon Bay this afternoon to attend the opening of a drawing show this evening.  The last time I was there — ooh, it was a while ago — it was also for a museum show opening!  We'd gone up pretty early that time so we had time to run through an antique mall and a yarn shop, among other things, but there's another fiber shop that I want to visit and have yet to see but will likely remain on my to-do list even after today because I think they'll be closed by the time we get there.

Dsc08053Saturday20sky_3My Saturday Sky is a little out of focus this morning!  I took this on my walk down to our local farmer's market where I found some zucchini, tomatoes, lettuce and corn.  Nice morning.

You’ll likely approach the nuances of daily life as well as the pursuit of your goals with a newfound boldness and enthusiasm.  –excerpt from my Daily Om Horoscope for Wednesday, August 2.

Imagine my wry smile when I read my horoscope after making the can-do phone call on Wednesday, which had to do with work and my need to do a little more of it — not in terms of putting in more hours or days per week, but in terms of doing more actual, worthwhile — if not meaningful — work while I'm actually working, and feeling happier about it.  Can you dig?  There was more rolled into it, of course, and some emotional baggage along for the ride, hence the choking up, but I needed to shake things up — make a change there or do something else entirely.  It's done.  Now I'm busy learning some of the finer points and idiosyncracies of my very vague-to-you job and it's taxing.  I took a nap after supper last night and I never do that.  The festivities of the night before may have contributed a little to my weariness, but man, I was wiped out!

I'm at odds with the knitting projects.

–Not loving the look and feel of my knitting with two (or more colors) on the Jane Thornley vests — I love the yarns and love the pattern, but my two-color knitting technique leaves something to be desired.  I will contemplate these for a while longer.

–I finished off the in-progress color on the Log Cabin thingamajig — eh.  Marinating.

–It's time to get to work on finishing Fib.  It's cooler now.  I want to start the applied I-cord, but I still have seaming to do, which (for me) is best done during the day on a table rather than in the evening on my lap.  I will begin seaming today.

–I worked a few rounds on my Trekking sock — I don't hate it, but I don't love it.  I think there's another sock, a different yarn, that I'd rather be knitting, but I'm cruising (slowly) toward the toe on this one and would just like to have it done — making an entire PAIR — before I start another dalliance.  These will come along for the ride this afternoon.


3 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. I find the hardest part of doing a dreaded task is starting. The rest rolls along.
    I’m glad you got it done. 🙂
    Lovely sky you have there.
    I keep thinking it’s Sunday. My dread of the end of my 2 week vacation is starting early!

  2. Good for you for sticking up for yourself and asking for what you want/need! These things are hard – but very important.
    Have a great day!
    L, C

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