Who are you?

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Who else might I have been?

My dad named me Victoria.  As I’ve been told, it was a boyhood friend’s mother’s name and he always liked it, or maybe she made an impression.  I was always Vicki until fourth grade, when an older girl in my Girl Scout troop insisted on calling me Victoria.  I winced for a while — it seemed so old-fashioned, so formal, so old — but I’m glad how that she did.  I still don’t prefer Victoria, but I don’t wince anymore.  I remember Mom telling me that she’d wanted to name me Rhonda or Mary Jo; she will deny it or have no recollection — I don’t know if those names seem too Petticoat Junction, or not refined enough now, or if I’m just too old for her to remember being pregnant or me being a baby — but that’s what I remember.

If my name was Rhonda…

I’d ride a Harley and wear leather and have a tattoo, or two (or even more, or maybe bigger than you’d think).  I’d be taller, and a little bit thinner, and be a daring dresser — simple but daring, a lot of black.  I’d have cleavage and you would know it.  My hair would be longer, but not any less gray; I’d wear it in braids a lot, and wear big earrings.  I’d have an ex-husband, or two.  I’d definitely be between marriages and I wouldn’t be living around here — but I would have my own house.  I’d own a successful auto repair business, and work on my brother’s pit crew at the local race track; it’s where I met my husband(s).  I’d laugh loud and often; too loudly for my mother; she’d call me "a hard ticket," as would have her mother before her, and wonder how I turned out that way.  I’d party hard, but infrequently.  My favorite knitting project would be socks.

If my name was Mary Jo…

8 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. Oh my gosh – that’s hilarious! Are you really going to make me wait until tomorrow Mary Jo??

  2. I loved reading this. It reminds me of my brother who my mother would’ve named Blythe if he’d been a girl. He hates to be reminded of it. I wonder if he’d have been any more odd than he is now.

  3. My sister’s name is Victoria (Vickey) and was also named by our father. She only gets called Victoria (still at the age of 30) if she’s in trouble for something. *lol* Funny you picked Rhonda … My aunt’s name is Rhonda as is my bestfriend’s mother. *lol*

  4. I can barely wait to see what Mary Jo would have turned out like… a great description of a Rhonda I went to high school with, and how she probably turned out.

  5. And if you were a Rhoda what would you be?? I’m a Rhoda who is always called Rhonda …. btw it is an old old old OLD family name –

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