Simply lovely

Dsc08253Employing Cara’s highly technical method of photographing one’s own socks, demonstrated here, may I present (finally) my finished Simply Lovely Lace Socks from the Spring 2006 issue of Interweave Knits.  I like it, and my ankles don’t look bad (I think the way the colors hits right there is a big plus).

On Saturday night, I wove in the last end and slipped them on my feet to admire.  I made Katie — the only lucky one to be withing admiring proximity — admire them with me.  I said, "Do you see how the colors almost exactly match up?  Total fluke that it turned out that way.  Did you notice the pretty picot edge?"  She said, "Mom, you’re such a dork.  You ask that every time."

I do?  ; )

I used Trekking XXL in color 106, part of a package of contest winnings sent by JessaLu a while back.  Started around May 1st, finished August 12th.  I believe there are only two or three pattern repeats in the entire pair that are done correctly and I didn’t catch on ’til I was near the end.  I believe I made it a three-row repeat rather than four, but it works and I like how they look.

Dsc08255 Dsc08267

Dsc08266 Dsc08258

14 thoughts on “Simply lovely

  1. They look GREAT! Enjoy! I had fun making those socks – I should make another pair.
    My patent pending method works every time. 😉

  2. I love them! I knit a pair of the larger gauge simply lovelies, and I most definitely want to knit a pair of the smaller gauge like yours.

  3. They are beautiful! Katie is so lucky to have been there with you the moment you put them on your feet. Did she hear the harp music?

  4. Nice socks! The colors really do match up very well. I get the same response from my oldest when I show off my knitting to her.

  5. Hannah always calls me a dork when I ask her to admire my knitting, too. Unless I’m knitting socks for her. Then she just snatches them up and runs away!

  6. Those ARE some good looking ankles, if you don’t mind me saying!
    Great wonderful superous socks!

  7. Love the socks! I had decided to pass on that pattern until I saw your beauties. The picot edge is so pretty and yes, I also noticed how the soft varigated pattern lines up. Does this make me a “dork”, too?

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