Dsc08404Darn, these things are cute!  I feel like I’m knitting sunshine with that yellow one.  I’ll have to tell that to Ali, so she’ll think about her Mom & Sunshine all in one thought.

My dealer came through with the stuff, as promised, and yesterday I had a nice box of Peace Fleece in the mail!  I’ve already got the Coup d’Etat Cardigan in Siberian Midnight mentally slated for an early November start.  I really only glanced at the yarn last night (lest I be lured into a late August start!), but it seems much darker in person than it appears on my computer screen — I love it.  I envision a good, all-around, go-to sweater.

Thanks for all the great suggestions regarding tomato sauce!  I am feeling much better this morning (I think I’m on the downhill slide of whatever’s been bugging me), but I was draggin’ last night and the thought of futzing, draining, pureeing, mixing, bagging, and freezing was a bit too much.  I threw all three bags of full-chunk sauce into the freezer.  I will be making this again — possibly as early as Saturday — and will experiment with a few things then.  I just love the smell of the house when this is cooking (as does my family) and also the thought of all that homemade sauce in the freezer.

I’m off tomorrow.  Can you believe it’s going to be September 1st??

11 thoughts on “Dishin’

  1. Ooh- that sunshiney one is great! I may have to try some of those! My sauce, with the paste and corn, turned out great! I wound up putting 2 ears worth of corn in, a green and red pepper from our garden, some mushrooms, and about 3/4 tiny can of tomato paste. I overcooked it a bit, pureed the whole batch, and ummm! I had some last night on slices of sourdough toasted in the oven with fresh mozzarella- kinda like a warm bruschetta- it was delicious! Tonight it’ll be with pasta and meatballs. Thanks for the link- it’s a great recipe, and I’m already plotting making lots more to freeze! Have a great day!

  2. Your dishcloths are so lovely that it is a shame to put them into dishwater. How about using them for facecloths?? your tomato sauce sounded delicious!! Yum, yum.

  3. The washcloths are lovely! I’m going to knit another one using yellow – it does look like sunshine! I hope I can get the area between the short row sections to look a little better — yours look great.

  4. Tell me about the Peace Fleece purchase. Did you buy it online? Their colors are lovely and I want to make the Everyday Cardigan.

  5. I am not, NOT, I tell you, going to click on that Peace Fleece link.
    Yeah, right, I don’t believe that either. I am such a sucker for their yarn. I want a sweater in every color.
    Those dishcloths could almost make you enjoy cleaning up the kitchen!

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