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I am absolutely delighted with this Cell Phone Carrier — pattern from One-Skein Wonders.  I was asked if I’d like to knit and blog this little project and, because I really was in need of such a thing (and because it just sounded like fun), I agreed.  I’m really glad I like it so much, because I’m not sure how I’d handle the blogging bit if I didn’t.  I supposed I’d handle it honestly and diplomatically — but no worries.  I just love how this little thing turned out and it pleases me very much to use it.  Ali was home for a little laundry time over the weekend and she looked upon it both admiringly and approvingly — she would like one, but reminded me that I also said I’d knit a case for her camera!

I normally carry my phone in my coat pocket where it gets jangled around with wallet, gloves, sunglass clip, and (worst of all) keys.  I sometimes carry a tote bag (or two), but never an actual purse, so this little item is very practical for me, if not even necessary, if I wish to keep my phone in good shape.

It was so quick to knit and used so little yarn, it hardly even counts in either time or materials.  I used Cascade "The Heathers" left-over from DH’s suede-soled slipper birthday socks, held double on 8US needles.  In a departure from the pattern, I knit I-cord for the little strap (rather than knitting flat and sewing in grosgrain ribbon) — then flattened out again for a few rows at the end to make the buttonhole.  The button is vintage, of course, is from Grandma’s collection.

I have not yet had an opportunity to peruse this book in person, but I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a copy — there’s a pattern for knitting a mitt that’s used for removing frost from the windshield that sounds very useful!

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I snipped that yarn of a third color last night and good riddance!  I won’t need it again until Mitten #2 is underway.  I’m a few rows into the hand and need to think about the thumb before going much further.

Tomorrow, in daylight, I’ll be finishing the sewing up of Coup d’Etat!  The only thing left will be the question about the underarm and gussets — and, yes, I have tried it on several times during the sewing up, but I have to wait ’til it’s completely almostly finished before making a determination on that — and buttons!  There might be an FO by week’s end!  ; )  I can’t wait to have a new cardigan!

I’ll also be going to the Y…  I.must.go.to.the.Y.M.C.A.

7 thoughts on “Cell Phone Carrier

  1. Thanks for the earbug 😉
    I am now hearing the YMCA over and over in my head and am considering standing up to do the dance……wonder how that would go over in the office

  2. I have that book and I think it’s great. The cell phone carrier is truly adorable. Can’t wait to see the finished Coup d’etat!

  3. No purse, wow.
    That is really a far-out concept for me. I admire you! No “baggage” is cool. Nifty cell phone protector too. I like the I-cord modification.

  4. Cool phone cozy. My phone usually has the same fate as yours, in the pocket or bottom of the purse, with the keys and change and who know’s what else.

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