Damn cars

I got everything packed and in the car and was only a little behind schedule yesterday and when I was all set for take-off, I turned the key and there was nothin’.  Absolutely nothing.  Not even a "rrr."

I made sure it was in gear because, ever since the stupid ignition column was replaced, it doesn’t matter what gear it’s in for the key to come out.  (And a person needs one embarrassing, knucklehead memory of a special service call to a grocery store parking lot because a car wouldn’t start, only to find that it was because it was still in "D" instead of "P," and then that’s pretty much checked off first thing, no matter what the problem might be.)  Nope, it was in park.  Even though it didn’t make much difference because there was NO JUICE, I made sure the radio was off, the heater fan, the lights…  The lights.  What in the hell?  The LIGHTS WERE ON ALL NIGHT?

I have to tell you that I have a really, really hard time believing that I left the lights on.  I have had that car for almost seven years and I have never, EVER left the lights on.  I have no explanation.  I just can’t believe I’d have left them on… there’s an annoying ding when the lights are left on… and I would have noticed when I went back for the second load of groceries.

But, whatever.  The battery was dead.  Long story and a couple of jump starts later…  I have a new battery, but it wasn’t until 4:30 when it was finally all resolved and by then I was cranky and hungry and my back hurt and I was losing my voice from all the talking.  For some reason, I was doing a lot of talking.  So hubby and I went out to eat and I a few glasses of Leinie Honey Weiss helped me forget my troubles…  I was going to reassess the situation this morning and possibly leave early — heading straight to the baby shower and skipping the sister part this time.

It’s snowing, and I knew it would; it’s not so bad right at the moment — at least where I am — but the radar picture showed snow bands right along the route that I’d drive and in all of my possible destinations.  I hear the snowplows outside.  Another inch yet today, three to five more tonight, another five to eight tomorrow.  Plus they’re bantering about "blizzard" — which means with wind and low visibility.  I’m pretty good driving in the snow, but I’d just as soon be safe and snug on the couch.  So, I’m going to mail the baby shower gift and plan another trip to Minneapolis.  I’m so disappointed.

13 thoughts on “Damn cars

  1. Are you really disappointed? If you are, I’m sorry – if you’re secretly not, then shhhhh….yeah for weather!
    PS – Sorry about the battery. One of our cars is 20 yrs old and we’re always having to jump it. Like the other day we had to jump it. Pain in the ass. Have you ever locked the keys in the car with it running? ~Waves hand high in the air.~ At least twice.

  2. Man. I hope you had an enjoyable time being snug on the couch, anyway. Sounds to me like the whole universe wanted you to stay home.

  3. Drat!! My lights go off when I open the door. I’m so used to it that if I ever get a car that doesn’t do that I’ll be sunk. I did get stuck at the airport one time as I waited for a flight and left the radio and lights on without the car running. Well, enough about me.
    Will you be able to relax and spend sometime knitting, doing what you want and while staying cozy? Maybe we can talk!

  4. [waves sheepishly] Me too. Luckily the sunroof was open and the car was in our drive, so the owner of the shop across the road and all his customers couldn’t see me use my pocket knife to undo the screws holding the sunroof glass, remove the sunroof and crawl into the car. Perhaps I should be proud of the solution, but…

  5. Argh ~ sorry about the dead battery. I have to laugh at Cara’s comment above about leaving the car running with the key in and doors locked. Oops ~ yeah, me too.
    What about this stupid “blizzard” they are talking about?! Ah well ~ makes for good knitting weather, at least!

  6. Oyyyyyy. The other night I arrived home, opened the garage door, and found that hubby had parked his truck in the garage and left the passenger door wide open — which of course means the dome light was on. If I hadn’t come home when I did, the battery might have been dead. I honestly thought HE might be in the house dead, because how ODD that he forgot to shut the car door? Like how could that HAPPEN? He didn’t even believe me at first, until I showed him. Geesh.
    Blizzards are good times to stay at home, snug on the couch. Sorry about missing the baby shower, though. Damn.

  7. Well – as much fun as it would have been to have you here – I am sure you know by now a good thing you stayed put. It sounds like Western WI does really have some blizzard conditions going on today. Stay warm and safe!

  8. Crap. I thought about you when I saw the national weather report last night. They said it was especially bad in Wisconsin. At least you’re stranded at home.

  9. oh i am soooo sorry! how horrible! i just bought a very used car (9 days now). its been since college and well, thats a ways ago. and that was in louisiana – no cold weather to worry about… and now i have to park on the street as my little apt building has no parking. its a whole new game.
    we are getting tonight the storm that you had – 2-4 inches predicted tonight and tomorrow morning.
    knitting to the oscars and snow – cosy!

  10. Bad car. Very bad car.
    Even if your car was in tip-top shape driving was atrocious around Mpls! Easier transport weather is just around the corner.
    We were possibly going to meet on Sunday– so perhaps a future visit?
    PS, love St. Brigid. I’ve been thinking about knitting it for a few years- but struggle with the idea of a raglan cardigan and that gorgeous central cable…

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