Friday’s Flowers

Fruity and Freaky!

Blacktulatomato Green

That’s a Black From Tula tomato baby — so far there are three and I expect a few more.  I can’t wait to watch them ripen!

I left work a little early yesterday and took a slightly different way home along the river.  The weather was just beginning to change — and it changed FAST!  Dark clouds from the north quickly took over an otherwise happy blue sky filled with puffy white clouds.  I had to stop and take a picture of the river — incredibly green, reflecting the strange light.  There was no wind, no rain, no thunder, no lightning — just this ominous darkness moving in overhead.  Shortly after I got home, the wind started to blow, but that was all — dark clouds and mighty wind.  I never saw dust blow down my street in a cloud like that before, never saw such wind without rain and ruckus of a big storm — a more traditional storm.  Lots of twigs and leaves fell, and a few larger branches, and then, finally, it did begin to rain.  The rain lasted for just a short while, and then the clouds moved off and the happy blue sky filled with puffy while clouds returned.

Very freaky.

Dad2 Dad1

Dad3 Dad4

There was an email from my dad this morning — with flower pics (how very timely) — so the flower portion of the program is his, direct from the coast of Oregon:  a swallowtail butterfly, poppies, passion flower, and crocosmia.  Thanks, Daddy-O.

12 thoughts on “Friday’s Flowers

  1. Great photos – all around. I never new a Swallowtail was a butterfly – *runs away in shame* And I’ve even knit an entire Swallowtail Shawl. I think it looks like a piano.

  2. So glad that you are embarking on the Masters program. I’ll be looking forward to your progress reports. I’m waiting until the September to order my Level II. I have a number of things I need to work on this summer before I can give my attention to the program again.

  3. I am convinced everything grows better in Oregon. Something about the soil… Gorgeous pictures all, have a great weekend Vicki!

  4. I know you are a bit south of me, but how can you grow passion flowers and crocosmia… oh, Oregon. Whew. I thought global warming was pulling a fast one on me.
    One of the things I love about summer in the Midwest is the awesomely dramatic weather we sometimes get (as long as no major trees or any people are harmed). Love your river photo.

  5. Wow, that looks like one of our storms took a trip up there! It’s back here though. The flowers are gorgeous! The one on the bottom left reminds me of a record being played 🙂 Can’t wait to see your tomatoes, yum!

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