I was matched up with Kathy B. with the Irish Eyes for Lynne’s most recent Special Swap.  The theme was "movies."

Isn’t this a most spectacular package?  I stole Kathy’s picture because I forgot to take any!  She put it together with a black & white theme, since I’m a lover of classic movies, and it’s all just fabulous.  Gregory Peck!  Movie popcorn!  Junior Mints!  There was even Chapstick in the classic black & white packaging.  And multi-cultural ying-yang cookies from a Jewish bakery!

I’m not sure yet what will become of the Classic Elite "Desert" yarn, but I’m thinking fingerless gloves/gauntlets for the "Inca Marl."  Ooooh, it’s so soft.  My hands are already getting cold at work and it’s barely even winter!

Thank you, Kathy, for a most delightful package.  Thank you, too, for your patience and understanding.  ; )

12 thoughts on “Classic

  1. That is so cool. You sign up for the best swaps and I’m always so envious. Then I remember the part where I get stressed and don’t think I’m creative enough and panic at the deadline…….
    yeah, I’ll keep drooling at yours.

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