This little piggy…

I think Mack will be getting two pairs of mittens for Christmas — the Morehouse Farms Shark Mitts and some PIGGIES!!  The sharks are knit, they just need teeth and sewing up.  I have plenty of worsted to make some colorful piggies — or maybe all one color, or maybe with contrasting ears and tail.  I’m envisioning a shark on one hand, piggy on the other, and some interesting, creative play.  ; )

I gave the Noro/Cascade scarf a good soak and pinned it out last night, along with a couple of swatches I did with Oblique in mind.  I rarely swatch, and washing and blocking is even more rare — well, truthfully, they’re not even swatches, more like swatchettes.  I forgot to measure them before I washed, so you see I’m not accustomed… or methodical.

I was pooped last night, so after the swatching and pinning, I didn’t do a darn thing.  I thought about it, had yarn in my lap, looked at it and petted it for quite a while — that was enough.

Thank goodness I live in a "local market" and will see tonight’s football game on a local broadcast — two-thirds of the state (including the majority of my siblings) and almost all of Texas will not see tonight’s match-up between the Packers and the Cowboys.  Dallas QB Tony Romo’s idol was Brett Favre when he played high school ball in Burlington, just a little SW of Milwaukee — just to make it a little more interesting.

Y’all know that I’ve raised three girls who knit… I’m pleased as punch that one of ’em is also a through-and-through Packer fan.  In fact, she’s driving up from Madison after class today so she can watch the game with me tonight.  Hahaha.  I am so proud.

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  1. I grew up not terribly far from where you currently live and am a born and bred Packer fan. I now have a 5-year old son. One day we were playing something similar to Mad Libs and I asked him for the name of a celebrity. He asked what a celebrity was and I told him it was a famous person, maybe an actor or athlete. So he very matter-of-factly named “Brett Favre”. He’s a boy after my own heart!

  2. So what IS up with that? Do we not get to see the game here either? And how come? Where can I complain? How fast can I get to your house if I leave now?

  3. OK, I read it as, “I pooped last night.” I had to go back and thank goodness I did. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. After all, everybody poops.

  4. GO PACK!
    (I have to go to my daughter’s jazz funk dance class –it’s parents’ week for us to watch, and she wants us there, so I feel obliged; but I bet the parental turnout is thin!)

  5. I can’t believe the Packers game is on some pay channel! What a numbskull decision somebody made.
    Enjoy the game and Go Packers!

  6. You have much to be proud of! Certainly is the season for being pooped too. I missed the very end of the game last night!

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