Unofficially and without photographic evidence…

A is for accomplishment:  34 months since I smoked a cigarette.

A is for apartment:  My daughter has a pretty cute one!

A is for anguish:  And also sleepless nights (play along with me here) because of the jerks (or you may substitute an "a" word, reader’s choice) who live in the apartment below hers.

A is for arrrgh:  Damn corporate property management conglomerations (DCPMC) who ignore their tenants — both the good and the bad.

Poor Katie.  I had an email from her this morning — she’d written it at 3:30 a.m. — after calling the cops for the second time.  The first time, the officer knocked four times on the door of the downstairs apartment and left when no one answered.  I understand the position of the police, but I also don’t understand.  She ended up going to Starbucks and didn’t get to sleep until 6:30.  Katie practically lives alone, since her roommate simply avoids the situation completely by sleeping elsewhere.  Ultimately, it’s a property management issue that is being ignored and the mom in me so wants to pick up the phone and bitch.  The allure of Madison has been somewhat diminished for Katie, and the living situation sure isn’t helping.

UPDATE:  A is for ass-kicking, as in the 5-day Notice to Remedy or Vacate that’s been served to the downstairs offenders.  Three cheers for the new representative of the DCPMC!  Katie just called with the news; she also indulged in some retail therapy today, too.  Sometimes, nothing makes a girl feel better than new cereal bowls!


A is for ABC-Along 2008Abc

There are 222 contributors to the Flickr group (as of now), the Ravelry group was approaching 200 last I checked, and my already out-of-control Bloglines list has burgeoned beyond belief!  In order to post to the Flickr group and/or be listed in the blogroll, you must request an invitation by midnight (local time) tomorrow — after that, admin will close the door on that aspect of the ABC-Along and turn to other matters… like posting an "A" herself.

We’ve barely reached the cusp of "B" — meaning it’s a very long road to "Z" — and I’m already thrilled.  "A" is well represented by people, places and things.  There’s flora, fauna, fruits, veggies, alpaca, angora, anxiety and mathematic concepts.  There’s activity, and action, and yarn (lots and lots of yarn), and any combination of the aforementioned — and then some!  The photography isn’t always fabulous, but the subject means something to the photographer, and some of the blog posts just blow me away.  That’s what it’s all about!

I am also delighted to see the return of some familiar names:  Two Wooden Sticks and A Ball of String, Hyvetyrant Talks, SuZenKnits, and to learn of so many new (to me) and interesting blogs, some linked above, and also (just to name a few):  Infinity More Monkeys (with a name like that?) and KnitXcorE (he’s "pretty amazing"), The Ravell’d Sleave, The Purloined Letter.  It is going to be an amazing year.  I can’t wait to see what all these people show and share.

My Sandy!  Woefully, I am poetically challenged, but I finally made a haiku!

…next time won’t you sing with me?
Deadline tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “Unofficially and without photographic evidence…

  1. A is for Awesome haiku! I love it!
    I came up with a couple Packer haikus (well, ok, one was about Packer green yarn) earlier this week, on le blog.
    Glad things are hopefully looking up on the apt front. It’s hard to be a mom — especially when you just want to go and whack someone upside the head.

  2. And “A” is for how awesomely cool you are. Both as a mom to your Katie and as a friend to all of us. Thanks for pulling the A-B-C train together so beautifully.
    Go Brett!

  3. Whoa, and wow — I feel like a celebrity, getting a mention right on your site! I hope I don’t let it go to my head, and hope I get out there and start working on “B.” Thanks for starting this terrific project, thanks for letting me join, thanks for the mention, and well, seriously — thanks for your generous spirit of sharing here on your site!

  4. Glad to hear there may be a remedy to your daughter’s awful situation – no one should have to tolerate such crap. Thanks for pulling me out of retirement 🙂 …. like the Haiku and huge congratulations on the 34 months…that is an accomplishment!

  5. Wow, we are growing too, aren’t we. Learning to walk that fine line of letting them work it out and stepping in to help. It’s so hard!
    Now, what should I “B”?

  6. Congrats on a resolution to your daughter’s living situation – it’s awful not to be able to sleep in your own place!
    Thanks for the shout-out (action) and a wonderful ABC along – can’t wait to see what B brings.

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