Grilled cheese

It snowed, slow and steady, all day yesterday, stopping at around 5:00 and leaving about 5" of new snow to shovel.  There was so much activity everywhere last night after work, as people grabbed shovels or started up snowblowers when they arrived home and got busy clearing sidewalks and driveways while there was still daylight.  Thankfully, the days are getting longer.

I was hungry, so all I could think about was supper.  I decided that nothing would satisfy me more than a grilled cheese sandwich!  Incredibly, I was out of the processed American cheese that I prefer for grilled cheese, so here we have mild cheddar — it’s on white bread, of course, though the dark German bread would have been nice, too.  There are certain pairings of cheese to bread, you know?

Cheese2 Cheese


It’s sunny today and, with all the snow, looks like Wonderland pretty much everywhere — snow on all the trees, piled high on bushes, huge snowbanks and piles everywhere.  It’s amazing.  I think I might go on a picture-taking hike over the weekend.  There’s another storm, another 5" predicted for Sunday.

14 thoughts on “Grilled cheese

  1. Mmmm…grilled cheese. So, so yummy! I haven’t gotten around to trying it yet, but I still remember an episode of Ham on the Street on the Food network where he swore that you can combine any kind of bread, cheese, and JELLY for grilled cheese and it will work. He set up a station where people would pick random selections (Rye! Fontina! Grape!) and then they’d make up the sandwich. The only combo that didn’t get raved over, if I remember correctly, was blue cheese and jalapeno jelly….

  2. Mmmm, I love grilled cheese sandwiches. Almost any cheese will do and many breads, too. The day after a storm is always so beautiful. It’s the day after that, when the romance of the wonderland is gone, and you can go back to hating winter again.

  3. Grilled cheese, tomato soup for lunch today! It’s the best part about Fridays during Lent!! Well there’s the tuna sandwich and tomato soup too…..so many decisions to make today.

  4. Grilled cheese is the perfect comfort food.
    As long as I don’t see an image of Jesus or Mary in it. 😀 Although if I do, I’ll have A LOT of extra yarn $$

  5. Either we have our grilled cheese vibes connected, or we are easily influenced by the power of suggestion. We had the griddle fired up with a line up of grilled cheeses for the whole family last night. (Never mind I just didn’t feel like really cooking anything….)
    It must be that time of year before the Spring where you just need to hunker down and get through it with a grilled cheese and cup of cocoa.

  6. Hm. I haven’t had a grilled cheese sandwich in eons. I like mine to be a mix of white and yellow cheddar, one of them somewhat sharp, on sour dough bread.

  7. I love grilled cheese sandwiches, too. I like colby or mild cheddar on white. Dark German bread? Like a rye bread or maybe a pumpernickel? Sounds very yummy.

  8. I’m personally a fan of grilled cheese made from either the Shaw’s or Stop & Shop Hearty Oatmeal bread and Stringers mozzarella cheese. Such the gourmet, I am…but OMG it’s delicious.

  9. i recently had the craving for a grilled cheese but after i indulged myself i was sick for three days…cheese and i do not get along but it tasted…mmm. we have very littel snow left after our big 5 inches a few days ago and i am still wishing for a big snow this season.

  10. I’m with you, that highly processed American cheese is the best for making a grilled cheese sandwich. But that’s the only thing I like it on. 🙂

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