Here comes the sun


The mornings have been beautiful.  That’s yesterday’s sunrise; today is about the same — and the big moon hangs in the western sky.  I stopped in my tracks when I walked outside this morning… listen… birds singing!!

I have no big plans for the weekend, really.  Katie will be home late tonight.  Maybe I’ll cook something wonderful tomorrow.  Hm.  What could I make?

I’ll be knitting, of course.  I’m nearly finished with the first re-knit piece of the Habu project and, oh, it’s so much better.

Happy weekend!

13 thoughts on “Here comes the sun

  1. Here Come’s The Sun song by Nina Simone is, in my book, one of the best songs ever.
    Little Darlin’ 🙂

  2. I heard a cardinal yesterday as I scraped off the car; made my morning. (I know the cardinals are around all winter, but given the time I go to work, it’s been dark and I’m sure there’s something seasonal about birds singing anyway. It just is so good to hear that familiar call. I love cardinals!)
    The sunrises *have* been pretty lately. I can’t see the western moon for trees and tall houses too well, though, darn.

  3. We’ve begun hearing more birdsong here in Massachusetts, too, and while we ALSO had more more more snow fall last night (and, yes, enough already!) the birds know there’s hope just ahead. I said the other night to my son that it won’t be long before we’re hearing the first spring peepers of the season (do you get frog song, too?).

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