If I could do anything…

Well, Deb asked an interesting question the other day:

What would you do with the space if time, money, whatever, were limitless?


Dsc02272_0041_edited1 Dsc02282_0051

Dsc02280_0049You’d think that would be easy enough to answer, but it’s not.  It’s difficult for me to think that way.  Well, sure, I can daydream a little… If I won the lottery… I would build a 10-car garage and fill it with sportscars… I could spend one week a month in a new and exotic location… Wouldn’t it be nice?  But I don’t really ever let it go too far — never anywhere near the realm of possiblity or maybe… and I’m too realistic (way too realistic, it’s almost a fault — I’m beginning to think that it’s sometimes crippling) to spend much time dreaming about stuff that doesn’t have half a chance… where would I get the money… unless I win the lottery… enter practical smackdown.  It’s actually a bit of an exercise.

But, you know?  Deb asked… and it’s a good question… and why the hell not.  What WOULD I do with it if I had no worries about how to buy it, fix it up, keep it, pay any of my other bills (one more college loan on the horizon) or worry about retirement?  (Oy, that’s a lot to set aside!)  But, okay, I can do this…

What would I do with it… what would be in it… what do *I* want to do… what do I *like* to do?  Here’s what I came up with, it’s a wild a whacky combo (but remember, there’s lots of space — and ohmygod, money is not a concern):

  • part yarn store
  • part book store
  • part French bakery
  • part photo studio
  • part incredibly high quality local and unique gifty-boutiquey-tiny bit of really great clothing store
  • part open studio/hang-out space for sometimes playing around with or dyeing fiber, with lots of room to sit and knit with customers and friends
  • a place, even, for kids — older kids who are frustrated and maybe they’re sick to death of video games and My Space (will that ever happen?) and they just need some room — to come and play around with being creative… with paint, pictures, paste, pastels and paper, a typewriter
  • there’d have to be coffee and tea (to go with the bakery), but not a coffee shop.

And I’d live upstairs in one of the apartments.

* * * * * *

Congratulations JanuaryOne on the birth of MarchEleven!!

11 thoughts on “If I could do anything…

  1. Can I live in one of the apartments and help you out? This could be very cool (and fun). I’m still so excited for Cara and baby Meli!!

  2. I think its a fantastic idea – something every shrinking small town needs – a reason for people to stay in town – not go to T@rget.
    Any chance you’d ever think about talking to a developer about your ideas?

  3. This is what I asked myself.
    “If not in this lifetime, then which one?”
    The kids can pay for their own schooling, otherwise they will be driving the sports car and you will still be paying for it.
    Buy the building, it’s probably a steal, it’s a buyers market. Renovate the upstairs into loft apartments and that income will probably cover the mortgage.
    It looks like you could rent half of the lower part too. Start small and grow.

  4. It’s funny (or maybe not?) — my own win-the-big-lottery dream is to find an old factory or warehouse building and turn it into a community arts center. Sure, a big retail space (fiber arts, scrapbooking, quilt making, fine arts, etc.), but also studio space for everyone from high school kids trying to put a band together to artists working to make a living. Arts classes available in every conceivable medium, with an emphasis on family experiences (a pottery class, say, that a mom could take right along with her child). A great coffee shop, performance space, wireless access….
    Well, it’s fun to dream.

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